Freitag, 31. August 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - August

This months theme in the Blythe Flat Lay Challenge fb group was: A day in the life. 

So I decided to let Wolkje be a little mini-me, made an IKEA polo for her (by cutting an original second hand shirt in pieces)...

 and let her be a little IKEA Sales-Coworker... That's what I do in my work time... Now, you know :D

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola - Who is hoping to write more blog posts again in the future!

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2018

Teufelsberg with Rosa

Better late than never I wanted to show you some of the cool pictures from our trip to the Teufelsberg and the abandoned listening device on top of the man made hill. 

 For more information please follow this link because this location has a colourful past which could not be explained in a few words here on my dolly blog

I found so many interesting photo motives and spots! The whole place is full of graffiti and street art:

And Rosa was a perfect model among all the used things and rubbish which were a kind of art itself ;)

 Great, great view from top of the tower: Grunewald and Berlins awesome greenery!

If you ever come to Berlin don't miss to visit the Teufelsberg for its very interesting history and because it is such a fantastic abandoned & enchanted place!

The Blythe-Berlin dolls and I wish you a nice sunday, yours Nicola

P.S.: And like always - there are much more pics here in my flickr album :)

Samstag, 30. Juni 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - June

Show us your chic side

Even if Annabelle & Lola just walk the dogs they never forget to be on the chic side (what also means: never go without an underskirt ;) )

Have a nice weekend and good start into July, yours Nicola aka Blythe-Berlin

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018

Blythe-Berlin... busy, busy...

Hej, dear peeps I just wanted to say: I am still here and so are the dolls ;) But I have been real busy with my non-dolly life lately and so the poor dolls are very neglected at the moment

But I made some pictures of my lovelies and the dolly shelf last sunday:

Mischa, Indigo and Andrea - Three of my own "Dollily" customs (the name of my brand when I made customs and fashion for dolls)

Tilda my sweet Pretty Peony and one of the latest beautiful additions to the Blythe-Berlin doll family

Fee, Tilda and Imina

Jette & River

Nele, Leni and Mischa

I hope I will be back for more soon... like Flat-Lay-Challenge... we will see :)

Yours Nicola aka Blythe-Berlin

Samstag, 19. Mai 2018

Bythe Flat Lay - May

And a photo for the Blythe Flat Lay Challenge again: Summer dreamin' in Berlin... laying in the gras with your favorite toys, planing your upcoming holidays, with a nice book and of course a bottle of water ;)

Have a nice Whitsun break, dear dolly-peeps and readers, yours Nicola aka Blythe-Berlin

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2018

Fill the closet - Part III

Let's have a close look again at all these awesome little things I purchased for the spoiled Blythe Berlin dolls: 

I am a big fan of "Grumpy cat" and this funny dress made by "Little drops of rain" was a must have for little Indigo who is a grumpy cat herself somehow. The dress is really well made and I can highly recommend Andrea's shop on etsy!

If you follow me at flickr you know I LOVE hats & helmets for my Blythe dolls. Big heads need cool hats and so my collection is growing... I bought this sweet lamb helmet on the fb second hand market and unfortunately don't know the maker. If you know her/him, please tell me :) I also ordered the tiny Mary Janes from the same seller, because you can never have enough pretty shoes for your dolls, can't you?!

Another lovely "Button Arcade" dress purchased on the *bay this time. With "Button Arcade" dresses it's the same as with hats... you must have more... and more :D And they also fit Susie sad eyes so well!

These awesome helmets were reworked by Ruth, the owner of EuroTrash and I am so absolutely amazed at what she did with them! Here is a before picture:

I just told Ruth I wanted the blue one with something cloud-themed and the red one should be something with skulls... Just awww! Thank you so much Ruth for doing such a great re-styling job on my helmets!

Here is little Andrea wearing the one with the skulls. It suits her so well

The tank top Andrea wears in the picture above is from a special Hello Kitty collection with liscensed fashion separates made by Barbie this year. I found three tops here in Germany and the fourth one was a little present my daughter Cosima bought for me during her New York trip this Spring. There are some more with, for example Care bear and other cuties on them, and I hope I will snatch some more in the future!

The fit is a bit loosely and oversized but I think all tops are really nice for Blythe dolls, too. I will do some combinations with the other shirts soon and show you how they look...

That's it so far with the Blythe Berlin fashion show ;) I'll be back for more that's for sure :)

Yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

Montag, 30. April 2018

Eichwerder Moorwiesen with Indigo

This month really past by too fast... So this will be a kinda throw back blog post: 

My sweetheart and I went to Eichwerder Moorwiesen at the beginning of April when the nature started to burst and the lovely Spring flowers started to bloom

It's the fluvial valley of a stream called Tegeler Fließ and it's located next to Lübars, which is at the edge of Berlin. Very interesting because of the nature and the West- and East-German past history

We took Indigo, dressed like a little sheep, matching the Spring feelings ;) with us. And she had a great time discovering the lovely surrounding and unspoiled nature with us

"Do I have to walk or will you carry me, giant?! 

Just a little green here in this picture... meanwhile the nature has exploded and Berlin is so green as you can imagine!

Indigo showing the rests of the border installations where once the western part of Berlin was seperated from the eastern part... You can find remnants of this boarder still everywhere around Berlin

"But now we can go where we want, giant?!"

After the long walk we had a lovely coffee break at Leselust - a nice combination of book store and cosy Cafe

I am wishing you a happy start into May! Lucky me is enjoying a bridge day and we will celebrate Walpurgis Night at Mauerpark with music & fire artistic

Yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

P.S.: More photos of our walk as always here at my flickr account