Samstag, 17. März 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - March

Theme of the month: Green and Gold

Have a happy Saint Patrick's day... If you are celebrating ;)

I will go out to celebrate with a friend tonight...

Yours Nicola

Sonntag, 11. März 2018

Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg with a Blythe doll - of course!

I really like a walk at Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg, not only because it is next to where I live, it is a very nice park though...

This bear always is a victom of "street art" - so sad! The very first picture I took of him was in October 2016 and he didn't look like a panda bear back then...

Volkspark Prenzlauerberg is one of the parks which was build on rubble mountains after WW II and it has this somehow forgotten vibe, because it looks more like a overgrown forest and not like a park. 

It's composed of two mountains with a stone on top of each:

The view down the hill which was ment to sledge in the past:

And even if there was not just a single snowflake, just freezing temperatures, Nele went sledding with some other kids :D

Isn't she the cutest little sledder ever?!

Have a nice sunday dear peeps, we are going to Schlachtensee today... and maybe there will be a doll with us again?!

Yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018

Pretty Peony

There will be a new Blythe doll in the house again... when she will arrive finally...

These were her pics and description at Junie moon and I was really tempted by her hair colour! Blue is my favourite colour and I always wanted a doll with dark blue hair!

Peony is a very well respected woman.

She is beautiful both on the inside and the outside.
Even with all her talents she continues to be humble and sweet.

The standing collar with knot style embroidery is sweet and cool.
The flower and butterfly embroidery are coordinating with the bolero and gorgeous pink dress.
Her hair and fashion accessories are in the theme of a sweet butterfly.
She wears long boots with knee high socks, which gives her a chic and modern feeling.

Face Color: Fair, Hair: Ink Blue Bob
Makeup: Eyeshadow- brown, Cheek and Lip- salmon pink
She has special purple eye chips in a forward gaze.

Peony loves to wear traditional Chinese fashion. Face Type: Radiance +

Meanwhile some pictures from happy people who finally got their Peonies appeared on the web and I am very happy I ordered her. She looks so stunning!

And I REALLY hope mine will arrive soon!

Yours impatient Nicola

All pictures are not mine and the rights will stay with their owners. If you want me to remove your pic please let me know

Freitag, 23. Februar 2018

Plänterwald, Spreepark... and little Leni

Last sunday we were in the mood for a wintry walk in the woods and decided to go to Plänterwald. I took Leni (my Lena Elena Middie Blythe doll) with me...

because she is one of the Blythe Berlin dolls I really neglected for too long!

Doesn't she look like a tiny Alice in wonderland on these huge mushrooms here?

When you go to Plänterwald you also come across Spreepark, an abondoned fairground. Unfortunately they fenced the whole terrain, because of safety concerns and new plans they have... None the less it is very fascinating and spooky somehow!

We completed our lovely walk with a visit on the "Klipper", a very cozy sailing-boat-restaurant on the Spree, where we had some yummy cake and hot drinks :)

Outside the Klipper on the sun deck you can find a lot of these funny guys made from old, rusty tools and stuff, so freakin' cool! So, if you ever go to Plänterwald or Treptower Park, make a break and enjoy the atmosphere, it's highly recommended!

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

Samstag, 17. Februar 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - February

Theme of the month: Hearts Galore

And here you can see Indigo dreaming of her Valentine 

I hope you all had a wonderful and romantic Valentine's day... mine was awesome :)

Dream on, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Blythe Berlin - fill the closet

One of my new-year-dolly-goals was: buy more clothes, accessories and shoes! So here we go:

First cute thing which arrived in January was this Little Ditzies gnome helmet from the fb-secondhand-market. One of these helmets stood on my list for long (yes, there is a list with all the goodies we want) and I was very happy to snatch this one in pink.

And as a real fan of Mimsy bear helmets I couldn't resist when this funny fellow appeared in Mimsy Bears little shop! 

We also needed these lovely little dresses made by Miema dollhouse and I am always delighted when things from Gritt arrive, because she sends these little photos of her dolls fashion with the clothes and other little goodies, like a cool notepad this time.

Another Blythe doll fashion designer I really adore is Jenny from icantdance. Her clothes are very hip and stylish and sometimes have this special sense of humour :) And all is hand sewn!! Yes, that's true... I am always spirited by her craftsmanship and tiny evenly stitches.

That's it for today... but stay tuned we shopped a lot more :D

Have a great weekend, dear peeps... The Blythe Berlin dolls and I will stay at home this cold and grey February day in Berlin. Just being lazy and planning the next Blythe Flat Lay Challenge for this month - It is "hearts galore" this time.

Yours, Nicola aka Blythe Berlin aka Dollily

Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - January

I recently found a group on fb called "Blythe Flat Lay Challenge I really appreciate this idea because it gives me a good reason to take a themed pic of my Blythe dolls each month! 

January was: "New Year, New Challenge" And if you have read my last blog post you will know my goals for this year!

Have a nice week yours Nicola