Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

Merry Christmas...

to all my dear blogger- and collector-friends out in the wide, wide blogger world

and because my name here is "püppilottchen" (dollylotty) i show you one of my vintage postcards with doll motives (yes, i´m also collecting vintage postcards...).

i hope you´ll have a peaceful and happy time! yours nicola

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009


at the big auctioneers:

some salesman sometimes make pictures which look a bit like art - don´t they?

this cute little hand embroidered german dolls wall hanging says: "wake up merry my dolly" awwww!!! unfortunately the furniture were to big for the doll´s houses i prefer, so i didn´t buy them and just kept the pictures :)


Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

The Lundby Advent Calendar 2007

some of us made themselves a before-christmas present... so did i :)

mine arrived a bit to late and i´m not so patient like helene to show one item a day. so here is the first half of my lundby goodies from the calendar and the second half will be shown after christmas.

this little ducky is my favorite yet!

some nice things for a christmas livingroom!

things you´ve seen before - i´m happy i have these, too! the little glases are so cute :)

and last not least, some clothes... hm, unfortunately all my dolls are not made for changing clothes. so i have a real good reason to buy some new ones, to change their outfits ;D yes, and a bear! don´t know if i like him or not... he looks a bit depressed - poor thing!

i´m pleased with my calendar, but some day (like today again) i think helene´s calendar from 2005 is a bit nicer... what do you think?

yours, nicola

Samstag, 12. Dezember 2009

Have you seen this...

cute "villa maria" on ebay? it´s the same like our villa annina & mara, but in a better condition - i think it´s never been "renovated". it´s so interesting for me to look at these pictures!

i wonder why the one house, i found on the virtuell puppenhausmuseum, which looks the same like ours, is called "haus karin" and this one, nearly the same is called "villa maria"?! maybe "haus karin" was the simple version (for small purses) and "villa maria" was the version with the higher standard (and more expensiv). i can see differences at the doors (the glas has rhombuses) and the wallpaper is different, too.

i´m very curious how high this auction will end?! it´s not to late to make a bid... also thanks to dirk, who gave me the permission to show his pictures!!

i wish you a wonderful third advent weekend, yours nicola

supplement: the final bid was 260,99 € - wow!!

Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

And the winner is... post reloaded ;D

...i had a browser-problem with this post today. here is the revised version - can everybody read the whole post, now??

stopp - first i´ll show you the solution. most of you were right :) christine moved into a new house! it´s her (and mine) dream come true: the Lundby Stockholm Villa/Mansion (first called Super or Deluxe Dollhouse).

she bought it some months ago, but she wasn´t happy with the most furniture which came with the house and so i helped her to find some we both like more:

come closer...

here she is with her new guest room. this previously was a nursery, but without kids (and a husband) it´ll take some time before she needs one :)

this lovely bedroom is called nocturne, new (in yellow) at the catalogue 1978: singel bed no.7266, vanity with stool no.7116, bedside table no.7104 and a lovely closet no.??

cosima was my good fairy and picked the winner for me. it´s: ANNA!!!! Congratulations! please send me your adresse so i can send you the little present.

yours, nicola

p.s.: because of all the international readers of my blog i decided to write just in english. it takes me to much time to write in both languages... ich hoffe für meine (wenigen?) deutschen leser ist das okay?

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Kleines Nikolaus-Advents-Rätsel

here comes a little st. nicholas-advent-riddle for you:

was könnte das sein... what could it be...

(kleiner tipp: christines traum wurde wahr! - little tipp: it´s christine´s dream come true!)

wenn ihr bis zum 10.12. einen kommentar mit einem lösungsvorschlag hinterlaßt, dann wird der nicola-usi einem von euch ein kleines geschenk bringen :)

leave a comment, what you think it could be, until the 10. december and (st.) nic(h)ola(s) will bring one of you a little parcel :)

happy 2. advent & st. nicholas day - your nicola

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

First day of Mini treasures wiki´s Advent calendar 2009

erster tag beim mini treasures wiki´s adventskalender 2009
...verpaßt das nicht!!
...don´t miss it!!
johanna, die administratorin des mini treasures wiki und ebensfalls autorin des blogs mini treasures hat tolle fotos von ihrem puppenhaus gemacht und eine süße geschichte dazu geschrieben:
johanna, the administrator of mini treasures wiki and also writer of the blog mini treasures took lovely pictures of her doll´s house and wrote a cute story, too:
"es ist der 24. dezember, heiligabend und meine familie & ich sind eingeladen den abend mit familie ahola in ihrem wunderschönen zuhause namens ankkalinna zu verbringen..."
"It is 24th December, Christmas Eve and I and my family was invited to spend the evening with Ahola family in their lovely home called Ankkalinna...."

leßt weiter hier im mini treasures wiki´s adventkalender!
read more at the mini treasures wiki´s advent calendar!

eure/yours, nicola

copyright of the pictures - johanna!