Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

And the winner is... post reloaded ;D

...i had a browser-problem with this post today. here is the revised version - can everybody read the whole post, now??

stopp - first i´ll show you the solution. most of you were right :) christine moved into a new house! it´s her (and mine) dream come true: the Lundby Stockholm Villa/Mansion (first called Super or Deluxe Dollhouse).

she bought it some months ago, but she wasn´t happy with the most furniture which came with the house and so i helped her to find some we both like more:

come closer...

here she is with her new guest room. this previously was a nursery, but without kids (and a husband) it´ll take some time before she needs one :)

this lovely bedroom is called nocturne, new (in yellow) at the catalogue 1978: singel bed no.7266, vanity with stool no.7116, bedside table no.7104 and a lovely closet no.??

cosima was my good fairy and picked the winner for me. it´s: ANNA!!!! Congratulations! please send me your adresse so i can send you the little present.

yours, nicola

p.s.: because of all the international readers of my blog i decided to write just in english. it takes me to much time to write in both languages... ich hoffe für meine (wenigen?) deutschen leser ist das okay?


Rebecca hat gesagt…

Congratulations Anna! And congratulations to Christine and you, Nicola - what a lovely sunny house and guest room. I love bright yellow - my car is bright yellow, and I painted my laundry yellow so it's cheerful for doing the washing! I look forward to seeing the rest of the house - and Christine's guests ;-)

Rebecca hat gesagt…

ps I am sorry you and Oese are now writing only in English, as it is good practice for me to read your German posts! But I can understand why, it takes long enough to write posts in one language, let alone two. And I should have made more effort to comment in German, too!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

hi, rebecca

thanks for your comments and the nice words!

there is something weird with my post on the explorer browser... in firefox you can read everything and in explorer not - i don´t know why. maybe i do this post twice?? if yes, maybe i must delete your comments :( sorry


Rebecca hat gesagt…

I've copied my comments, so I can send them again if you need to repost this. I'm using firefox, so I can see everything :-)

Oese hat gesagt…

So geht es mir auch mit dem Übersetzen, im Grunde nur für Rebecca und Petitenouveau, die das zu schätzen wussten, bei allen anderen hab ich das Gefühl, sie verstehen gut genug englisch oder melden sich sowieso nie zu Wort.
Für Rebecca und andere, die ihr Deutsch verbessern wollen, können wir ja öfter mal ein paar deutsche Sätze zu passender Gelegenheit einfließen lassen.
Ich hatte auch mit diesem Haus geliebäugelt, aber wenn ich tatsächlich noch eins kaufe, dann doch lieber die Villa Sibis.
Viel Spaß jedenfalls damit!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

thank you rebecca - fortunately i had not to delete the whole post, i grubbed a bit in the "html" and found the problem... but i still don´t know why it happend?!

and your car is yellow :) cooooool! i like yellow things they make everything look so shiny! christine (and me) are still working on the other rooms - we miss parts of the kitchen and the livingroom. even the diningroom furniture is not the way i like it... so it´ll take a little time to show more. yes, and the guests?! we will see :)

i can send you some little german mails from time to time if you want :)


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

danke petra - ja, spaß habe ich schon :) wobei es wohl noch ein weilchen dauert bis es fertig eingerichtet ist, so wie ich es will. war das genau dieses stockholm haus, welches du kaufen wolltest, wenn ja, woran hast du es erkannt? *neugierigfrag*. ich habe in letzter zeit einige stockholms gesehen und manche haben echt horende preise erzielt :O meins war vom preis okay und nah´ genug, das ich es mit samt untergeschoß abholen konnte.

ja villa sibis das ist auch ein haus was echt zu dir paßt :) darin sehen deine möbel bestimmt klasse aus!

lg, nicola

Pubdoll hat gesagt…
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Pubdoll hat gesagt…

I didn't know you had the extra basement as well! How great to have the complete house like this! I like very much the wallpaper in Christine's bedroom and the furniture is just perfect for the room! Yellow is such a cheerful colour and I love the pattern on the bedspread.
I totally understand that you don't have the time to write in German as well. I will still try to write in Norwegian, infact my husband urges me to do it, :-) but I haven't had the time to do it on my calendar posts.

callsmall hat gesagt…

Congrats on your (Christine's) new home! It's lovely and off to a great furnishing start. I enjoyed being part of your game! I appreciate and admire your efforts to write in English, too!

Natalie hat gesagt…

Well done and congratulations! It is a beautiful house.
The interior is lovely :)

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

thank you helene! this house was on ebay at the summer and it came together with the stable-garage-basement-extension, yes. all together it´s really HEAVY & BIG!! i just use the house at the moment. the extension is still on the attic. the house has it´s place at my bedroom and i´ll deploy the extension, if i have more furniture. at the moment there´s just a horse and a lisa diningroom, which i´m not happy with -it´s to modern and christine doesn´t like it either!

my daughters have the same prob with my blog like your husband - "you are german, why do you write in english..." but it´s the better way to safe time and i like to write a lot ;D so it takes me more time...

today there were the red glases in my calendar *lalala* i´m so happy :)


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

thank you callsmall, i like the guestroom so much and it´s so nice to read other collectors do the same! i´m happy you liked the game - even you are not the winner :)

writing in english is a very good training for me and it´s so funny - all the time i wanted to make a post for my toy blog i started to write in english and mixed it up with german ;D


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear natalie, thank you and i´m happy you like it!!


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

So great that you got the red glasses too :-)

Anna hat gesagt…

OMG! This must be the first time EVER I actually won something! :D :D Thank you so much!!

That mansion looks sooo amazing. Lucky you! I wish Christine all the happines with the new home. :)

Good that you found the english texts in my blog. They can all be found under the category "Also in English" now. Nice to have international readers as well.

I´m still going to be in England for a while. But you can send the surprise to my home address in Finland with my boyfriends name:

Anna Aro/Ville Huhta
Juristinkatu 1B
20780 Kaarina

Thanks a lot and have a great weekend! <3

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

anna, i´m happy you are the one - the one who never won, so that´s really fair!! i´ll sure send it to your boyfriend to finland.

yes, i was happy to find english text at your blog - some things were clear just with the pics, but the rest is much better, now :) thank you, i know how much time it takes to translate, but i think you´re more in practice like me.

have a nice weekend, too and a wonderful christmastime, nicola