Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

The Lundby Advent Calendar 2007

some of us made themselves a before-christmas present... so did i :)

mine arrived a bit to late and i´m not so patient like helene to show one item a day. so here is the first half of my lundby goodies from the calendar and the second half will be shown after christmas.

this little ducky is my favorite yet!

some nice things for a christmas livingroom!

things you´ve seen before - i´m happy i have these, too! the little glases are so cute :)

and last not least, some clothes... hm, unfortunately all my dolls are not made for changing clothes. so i have a real good reason to buy some new ones, to change their outfits ;D yes, and a bear! don´t know if i like him or not... he looks a bit depressed - poor thing!

i´m pleased with my calendar, but some day (like today again) i think helene´s calendar from 2005 is a bit nicer... what do you think?

yours, nicola


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

So nice to finally seeing your advent calender! I love the Christmas items you got, I hope I get some of those as well! And the little bath coat looks great too!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

thank you helene. yes, the bath coat is really cute. it came the day after the duck and the bubble bath - so i do need a doll i could dress up and which could take a bath and wear the bath coat afterwards ;D


Rebecca hat gesagt…

I agree about the bear, poor thing! Lovely Christmas items - packets of Christmas cards are just what the dolls need to keep in touch at Christmas!
Maybe you could use some of the clothes in the laundry, or on the floor of the kids' bedroom, if they're not very tidy?

Oese hat gesagt…

nu jammer mal nich rum, Pubdoll hat aber schönere Sachen und so. Deine sind auch schön, da braucht dir nicht das Herz zu bluten;-)
aber ich, ich hab überhaupt keine adventskalender .....

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear rebecca

supersweet ideas for the clothes :) and i think the bear needs some chocolat... or a therapist?!

liebe petra :D du hast natürlich mein ganzes mitleid! aber mal ehrlich ich finde echt, dass helene teils schönere sachen hat...