Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

Kaffeeklatsch at family Lundby´s home

ever since mrs lundquist (the woman we know as christine), moved to lundby village, mrs lundby wanted to invite her for a kaffeeklatsch, to welcome her and to get to know her a bit better. today is the day...

mrs lundby first was bit nervous, because mrs lundquist owns this big stockholm mansion and is a real business woman with her own immovables company, but after a few moments of unease she noted that christine is a very lovely and normal person.

they had some fruitcake & coffee and after that some sparkling wine... and here you can see them in an very cheerful admosphere :) mrs lundby couldn´t understand why christine was a single for so long and so they had the idea that she has to write a lonely hearts ad at the next newspaper...

meanwhile the lundby kids were going mad downstairs. mrs lundby asked the twins sabine & sabrina and peter & klaus to look for baby while christine´s visit. she layed a very nice table with cookies and juice for them and first everything was okay...

but then sabine, who is the more agile of the twins, freaked out! she began to immitate a guy from the last comedy show she saw on tv and climed up the chair to tell some jokes.

baby didn´t like that and started to cry...

so sabine had to stay at the girls room all by herself... nonetheless christine and mrs lundby had a nice afternoon and i guess it was the beginning of a great friendship :)


credits: thanks a lot to tina from fimozauber, who made the tiny cookies and the fruitcake in lundby size for me!!

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

Doll Fashion

because i am a fashion designer (with a diploma - hohoho ;D ) i collect everything i can get which contains doll fashion:

i found this "neue mode" doll fashion magazine at our local charity shop, last summer and i can´t get enough of the pictures!

all dolls are wearing outfits from the 70s i grew up with.

my sister and me had this printing set with disney animated characters, but we never used it to print fabric for our dolls - isn´t that cute?!

all the dolls are from schildkröt, wehncke and zapf, three well known german toy companies and they are shown in sizes from 30 cm up to 52 cm.

i had one of these schildkröt baby dolls called "schlummerle" ( i can´t translate that - schlummern is a cute word for sleeping...), they have a soft body and cute baby arms and legs made of plastic.

i even adore these very, very cute drawings at the sewing instruction part of the magazine.

and i´m a bit sad that i never had a granny or mum, who would have sewn dolls fashion like this for my dollies - maybe that´s the reason why a began to sew myself and guess what were the first things i sewed.... yes, doll clothes :)


Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010


everything is different! i planned to show you a lot of new things - i had so much ideas when i came back from my short sylvester trip. but actually i had to care for my youngest daughter cosima, who is ill with mononucleosis. she was so ill :( we had to go to the hospital over the weekend. now she is recovering day by day and i´m very thankful!

but leastwise i have some wonderful pictures from a lovely doll´s house you can get at ebay on sunday.

the seller allowed me to show some more pictures she send to me today.

this house is from the 60s and the scale is 1:12 (no scale for me but i think it´s absolutely lovely). the measurements are: base plate: 82 x 55 cm, width 76 x 32,5cm, the rooms are 20,5cm high, the terrace roof is 20,5 x 33cm, and the height of the house is 21,5cm. awww, i love the dolls they remind me so much of the dolls a played with when i was a small child (before the lundbys came into my life). the furniture are great too - aren´t they?!

i hope you enjoyed these pictures although they are not made by me... :)


Montag, 4. Januar 2010

The Lundby Advent Calendar 2007 - Part 2

finally i want to show you the second part, of the tiny goodies from my lundby advent calendar. sorry, i´m so late, but i had a bad cold with sore throat during the holyday season (thanks for all your good wishes!!) and then i made a short trip to the island of rügen...

there were some cute little christmas plates, a lovely tiny pie and some mixed nuts and ginger bread packages. i was very pleased with these things!

here we are with another bag with parcels and i agree with helene - they are a bit to big! a supercute casket with a necklace and... a picture... yes, a picture... the sort of modern lundby pictures i don´t like that much... but i think i´ll find a better "painting" for it and then it´ll be okay.

further on there were two "pieces of fabric". i guess the one with the christmas tree is ment as some kind of christmas carpet. the other one, made of fabric like they use for shower curtains, could maybe be a kind of blanket... i don´t know?! i don´t think christine or the lundbys would like to cover themselves with a "shower curtain" ;D

my absolutely favorite was santa´s costume :) it´s made with real fake fur and it came together with a little beard to stick on - awwwww!!!

at door 24. there was a little monster... um, baby... my youngest daughter cosima called him jesus because of his "birthday", but i think the real jesus must have been much more handsome! you don´t think little "monster jesus" is ugly...

he is! i don´t know who painted his face, but it must have been someone, who never took a real good look how humen eyes look and on which place the eyebrows belong... jesus´ body is really cute with tiny little fingers and tiny babyfeet, so maybe he needs a new face?! the blanky was part of the calender, too. it perfectly matches with the two star pillows from the calendar, but i think i have to trim the edges, they are not so well done.

all in all i was pretty happy with my calendar and i think next december there will be one more :)

i wish you all a happy & healthy new 2010 and i´m looking forward to a year full of mini treasures and dollhouse dollies adventures, together with you! nice to meet you here, my dear mini collector friends!!!

hugs, yours nicola