Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

Doll Fashion

because i am a fashion designer (with a diploma - hohoho ;D ) i collect everything i can get which contains doll fashion:

i found this "neue mode" doll fashion magazine at our local charity shop, last summer and i can´t get enough of the pictures!

all dolls are wearing outfits from the 70s i grew up with.

my sister and me had this printing set with disney animated characters, but we never used it to print fabric for our dolls - isn´t that cute?!

all the dolls are from schildkröt, wehncke and zapf, three well known german toy companies and they are shown in sizes from 30 cm up to 52 cm.

i had one of these schildkröt baby dolls called "schlummerle" ( i can´t translate that - schlummern is a cute word for sleeping...), they have a soft body and cute baby arms and legs made of plastic.

i even adore these very, very cute drawings at the sewing instruction part of the magazine.

and i´m a bit sad that i never had a granny or mum, who would have sewn dolls fashion like this for my dollies - maybe that´s the reason why a began to sew myself and guess what were the first things i sewed.... yes, doll clothes :)



Oese hat gesagt…

scheint wohl gerade nostalgie-zeit zu sein.
schlummerle! ich hatte auch eins, aber ich glaube nicht von schildkröt. du hast mich nun animiert, schau mal bei flickr.....

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

da geh´ ich doch gleich mal kucken! und bei mir ist doch irgendwie immer nostalgiezeit ;D

lg, nicola

DollMum hat gesagt…

These doll clothes patterns are great fun, and they remind me of the kind of clothes I wore too! What a good idea showing the children printing the fabric.
My mother may have sewn some doll clothes for me and my Nanna knitted some, but I was still inspired to make more myself, despite many frustrated hours when my skills didn't match my aspirations!

Florine hat gesagt…

Adorable dolls, Nicola! They remind me of the dolls my daughter had..the Fisher-Price Mandy group. F-P included a pattern with every outfit purchased. I made a lot of little clothes because I also made the same outfits for her best friend who lived next door.Thanks for the memories today! Flo