Montag, 4. Januar 2010

The Lundby Advent Calendar 2007 - Part 2

finally i want to show you the second part, of the tiny goodies from my lundby advent calendar. sorry, i´m so late, but i had a bad cold with sore throat during the holyday season (thanks for all your good wishes!!) and then i made a short trip to the island of rügen...

there were some cute little christmas plates, a lovely tiny pie and some mixed nuts and ginger bread packages. i was very pleased with these things!

here we are with another bag with parcels and i agree with helene - they are a bit to big! a supercute casket with a necklace and... a picture... yes, a picture... the sort of modern lundby pictures i don´t like that much... but i think i´ll find a better "painting" for it and then it´ll be okay.

further on there were two "pieces of fabric". i guess the one with the christmas tree is ment as some kind of christmas carpet. the other one, made of fabric like they use for shower curtains, could maybe be a kind of blanket... i don´t know?! i don´t think christine or the lundbys would like to cover themselves with a "shower curtain" ;D

my absolutely favorite was santa´s costume :) it´s made with real fake fur and it came together with a little beard to stick on - awwwww!!!

at door 24. there was a little monster... um, baby... my youngest daughter cosima called him jesus because of his "birthday", but i think the real jesus must have been much more handsome! you don´t think little "monster jesus" is ugly...

he is! i don´t know who painted his face, but it must have been someone, who never took a real good look how humen eyes look and on which place the eyebrows belong... jesus´ body is really cute with tiny little fingers and tiny babyfeet, so maybe he needs a new face?! the blanky was part of the calender, too. it perfectly matches with the two star pillows from the calendar, but i think i have to trim the edges, they are not so well done.

all in all i was pretty happy with my calendar and i think next december there will be one more :)

i wish you all a happy & healthy new 2010 and i´m looking forward to a year full of mini treasures and dollhouse dollies adventures, together with you! nice to meet you here, my dear mini collector friends!!!

hugs, yours nicola


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Hi. I got that goofy looking Lundby baby also. We call him the "EVIL" baby and put a cross in his crib with him. He sure is unattractive but we hope he'll grow out of it. In the mean time he just causes lot of troubles. Thanks for sharing.

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

amy you & hubby are so cool :D HEHEHEHE!!! the evil baby :)))))))) now, after reading your comment he really reminds me a bit on rosemary´s baby :O maybe it´s good we called him jesus, so he has to be good ;D


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

So nice you're well again and also so nice to see the last items from your calendar!
My daughter has twins that look like that, so twice as scary!
I love the plates you got and the little cake and of course the santa costume :-) Maybe the "shower curtain" could be used as just curtains?

Best wishes for 2010!

And Amy: too funny!

callsmall hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing these mini treats! I myself love the pie and plates! And, that unfortunate baby boy...poor thing has to live with his eyebrows way up there!!! :) Happy New Year!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear helene - thank you :) i´m really better, but still a bit "sickly".

the funny thing with the baby was - i recently bought a helmer-typ lundby man on ebay and made a "just for fun" bit at the same shopman, on the package with the twin babies and..."tadah": won them. a few days later the parcels arrived and then came jesus ;D but the twins really look cuter than our poor christmas baby. maybe i´ll paint him a new face some day - i guess i can´t make it worse.

good idea with the curtain. but maybe the "shower curtain" is ment to be a tablecloth...?! ;D


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear callsmall - thank you! it was really fun to make the pictures and to watch all the sweet things again.

and you are right. poor jesus has this quizzical mien, like if he wonders about everything... maybe i can "repaint" his face and make it better?!


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Hi again. I come back here to look again and to make a comment and I get lost looking at all your wonderful posts. I am so glad you are calling your baby Jesus. We are trying to find a full time nanny for ours. They keep quitting after the first day. We just love Lundby and the fun we have. I am lucky my hubby gets in on the fun and is creative. Thanks for saying nice things on my blog. I appreciate that so much as I am very new to all this still. Have a really great day!

Florine hat gesagt…

Totally enjoyed your advent calendar blogs....I may have to break down and "gift" myself next year too! Glad to hear you are's no fun to be sick over the holidays!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

amy, thank you so much :) i´m a "bit envious", because you have a husband who loves the same hobby as you do. nearly a perfect situation! it must be so much fun to enjoy all your tiny sweet lundby treasures together!! i loved to read how he gave the first house to you - so cute. and your blog is great, although everything is new for you!! so nice to meet you here and to share the same enthusiasm for LUNDBY and the lundby peeps :)!!!


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear florine, you must buy one for you it´s sooo much fun. you can feel like a child again ;D and you got all this cute things you can use later for the sweet dollshouses you have!!

yes, being ill over the holidays was really bad. but fortunately i still wasn´t so bad at christmas eve with my girls and we had a great evening. just on the first feast day the bad "flu" came over me and knocked me down... anyway i´m going better every day :)


Stefanie hat gesagt…

Happy New Year, Nikola!
May I comment in German here?
Darf ich hier Deutsch kommentieren?
Ich habe gerade erst deinen Toyblog gefunden.
Oh, wie schön!! Ich habe auch ein Lundbyhouse. Lisa, bei Ebay ersteigert.Ist schon etwas älter und ich überlege, ob ich es so lasse oder renovieren sollte
* grübel*
Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es einen Lundby Kalender gibt und dass er so toll ist.
Ich behäkele gerade meine ersteigerten Püppchen. Ist schon gepostet, wenn du mal gucken möchtest. In German and english. Das Lundbyhouse werde ich demnächst mal posten.
I´ll come back soon!!!

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Happy New Year, Nicola! I hope you are feeling much better now, and managing to survive the intense cold and snow.
I like the plates best here I think, apart from the Santa costume which is wonderful! I think you're right, the red fabric with snow flakes is probably meant to be a Christmas tablecloth - that kind of fabric should drape well :-)