Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010


everything is different! i planned to show you a lot of new things - i had so much ideas when i came back from my short sylvester trip. but actually i had to care for my youngest daughter cosima, who is ill with mononucleosis. she was so ill :( we had to go to the hospital over the weekend. now she is recovering day by day and i´m very thankful!

but leastwise i have some wonderful pictures from a lovely doll´s house you can get at ebay on sunday.

the seller allowed me to show some more pictures she send to me today.

this house is from the 60s and the scale is 1:12 (no scale for me but i think it´s absolutely lovely). the measurements are: base plate: 82 x 55 cm, width 76 x 32,5cm, the rooms are 20,5cm high, the terrace roof is 20,5 x 33cm, and the height of the house is 21,5cm. awww, i love the dolls they remind me so much of the dolls a played with when i was a small child (before the lundbys came into my life). the furniture are great too - aren´t they?!

i hope you enjoyed these pictures although they are not made by me... :)



Pubdoll hat gesagt…

So sad to hear Cosima has been so ill, and so good to hear she's recovering now! You must have been so worried for her! Give her my best wishes for continued speedy recovery!
And thanks for sharing the photos of the house, even though 1:12 scale is too big for me as well, it's always fun to see nice furniture!

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Dear Nicola, I am so sorry to hear your daughter has been so sick - this has been a very hard time for you, being sick yourself over Christmas, and now Cosima :-( I had that illness when I was 11. I was not in hospital, but I was away from school for some months, I think. I hope she recovers quickly.
Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us, especially the extra ones! Best wishes to you and Cosima.

callsmall hat gesagt…

So sorry about your daughter, but glad she is on the mend! It is so hard going through that, but kids are very resilient! Lovely house, thanks for sharing! I wonder if the seller ships to the US...!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear helene, rebecca and callsmall! thank you for all the nice wishes, i told cosima about your nice words :) and she was happy, too.

and yes i bothered a lot, i was really mad!! now i´m a bit more calm, because she recovers very well. they said this kind of illness takes more then a month... fortunately she is a very good pupil and won´t miss that much, because they get testimonials at the end of the month.

callsmall, the seller is a very nice woman - ask her. and let us know if you get it!!


More2view hat gesagt…

My daughtr is ill too. She had a diffcult pregnancy and still has medical problems.
It is good you are there to take care of Cosima.
I use my dollhouses to relax and forget my concerns. Best wishes to you both xoxo CM

DollMum hat gesagt…

I hope your daughter is much better now - it is always worrying when those closest to us are poorly and our children especially.

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

thank you dollmum, yes she is getting better every day :)

more2view, a difficult pregnancy and medical problems, that sounds like a long time with worries :( i hope your daughter is recovering very soon! i use my hobby like you and i´m happy we both have this possibility to relax and feel good :) best wishes for your daughter!!