Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Nähst du mit - will you sew with me?!

Recently i bought some dollhouse dolls, because of one Caco-couple i was interested in.

All the other dolls in the parcel (I guess the most are vintage Ari dolls) were dolls someone liked and played with a lot. And this someone made some cute tiny clothes for them - or maybe it was a Granny or Mummy?!

All these cute little clothes reminded me of a book i once bought on a fleamarket. It's a sewing book for children and it´s lovely! It explanes everything you need to craft: sewing, embroidery, knitting and crocheting.

Illustrated with masses of cute pictures and drawings, like this instruction to sew tiny dollhouse dolls clothes:

Look at all the sweet details - there's real water in the bathtub :)

Your doll needs little panties or a dress?! here they are:

I have some little naked Ari babies i played with as a child and i think i´ll make them some of these tiny clothes someday...

So, will you sew with me?!


Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

News from Lundby Village

yesterday afternoon when all the older lundby kids went out to play with friends, mrs. lundby decided to visit christine, because she wanted to know how the idea with the lonely hearts announcement worked out. (and she also was a bit curious about the villa - but pssst!)

fortunately christine was home after work and had the time for a little talk. she told mrs. lundby that she had another idea for the "menhunt"! when she bought the house she knew she has to rent out the lower part of the house, because she doesn´t need all the space and she also needs the rent. so she will make a announcement to hire out the appartement with a search for a male roomer - isn´t she clever?

christine´s dachshunds piff & paff were very interested in baby, but baby first was a bit shy... but look it tryed to stand on the sofa to get a better look on the dogs! mrs. lundby is very happy about that. baby often comes to briefly with four elder siblings and so it´s good to see, it is going it´s own way.

later on christine showed mrs. lundby the appartement. it´s crowded with furniture the previous owner left and christine bought with the house. she doesn´t like anything in here, but maybe the new roomer will use it first? she also needs a kitchen...

she also would like a man with a car - the garage is so empty! she is going to work by bike but she´s dreaming of a car, too...

when baby started to stand in the buggy to look for piff & paff, it was time to go home...

christine promised mrs. lundby to call her soon when she get´s some answers on the announcement.

on her way home mrs. lundby was thinking about the lovely big villa and all the space christine has just for her own needs and about the lovely modern lether sofas...

and christine went into her big house just with piff & paff at her side and thought about how cute baby was and that mrs. lundby is a lucky person with a lovely husband and a bunch of children...

and they both thought how good it is to have a friend!


credits: the house is the lundby stockholm mansion, the most furniture are original lundby from the 70s, some from the 80s. dolls: christine/lundby, mrs lundby & baby/caco, so is baby´s buggy. piff & paff are playmobil. there is also an unknown birdcage in the corner of the livingroom (info´s about it are welcome).

Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Käthe Kruse Däumlinchen Babies

the käthe kruse dolls i always loved the most! the cute little däumlinchen (thumbelina) babies.

just 25 cm small, with a soft body and dangling arms and legs. they were made with painted hair or wigs from real human hair. here you see bobbele from 1986

this sweet little guy is from my childhood, i called him phillip and i played a lot with him. in the catalogue he was wearing a yellow felt cap, but i never had one. i bought him without and crocheted him a yellow baby bonnet - but i like him more without :)

both are from the same catalogue from 1977/78 like louise. at the catalogue they are called fritzl und charlie. little charlie on the right was bought years later, but he likes to play with phillip since then.

you can also have sleeping däumlinchen like this one in the vintage carry bag. she is from the 80s and is wearing a little christening robe.

last not least: billy from the 1989 catalouge. he is one of a series of afro-american däumlinchen käthe kruse made since they were produced in the 50s. billy is named mohrle at our home and belongs to my daughter mara.

i hope you liked this little trip to the world of käthe kruse dolls? i´ll tell you soon more about christine and the lundbys... promised :)