Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Käthe Kruse Däumlinchen Babies

the käthe kruse dolls i always loved the most! the cute little däumlinchen (thumbelina) babies.

just 25 cm small, with a soft body and dangling arms and legs. they were made with painted hair or wigs from real human hair. here you see bobbele from 1986

this sweet little guy is from my childhood, i called him phillip and i played a lot with him. in the catalogue he was wearing a yellow felt cap, but i never had one. i bought him without and crocheted him a yellow baby bonnet - but i like him more without :)

both are from the same catalogue from 1977/78 like louise. at the catalogue they are called fritzl und charlie. little charlie on the right was bought years later, but he likes to play with phillip since then.

you can also have sleeping däumlinchen like this one in the vintage carry bag. she is from the 80s and is wearing a little christening robe.

last not least: billy from the 1989 catalouge. he is one of a series of afro-american däumlinchen käthe kruse made since they were produced in the 50s. billy is named mohrle at our home and belongs to my daughter mara.

i hope you liked this little trip to the world of käthe kruse dolls? i´ll tell you soon more about christine and the lundbys... promised :)



DollMum hat gesagt…

I would love to get a Kathe Kruse doll, but they are way out of my price range, so I enjoy looking at other people's collections instead, and the book on the dolls I bought a few months ago.

Your Kathe Kruse babies are lovely, I especially like little Charlie.

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Oh how very cute. All your posts are informative and fun. Can't wait for the Lundbys.

Florine hat gesagt…

What serene little dolls! Can't decide which one is my favorite...possible the sleeping baby. You and DollMum are going to force me to get out my two dolls from childhood and probably all of my daughters! Thanks for sharing these wonderful dolls! Flo

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear dollmum, yes k.kruse dolls are often to expensive. i collect them for a while now and nearly all my dolls were bargains :) i really could not afford to buy them by the prieces some people at ebay want to get... so keep your eyes open. sometimes a kruse dolls sits in a corner of a garage sale, really! i also enjoy looking at my books and other collectors blogs. it´s so good other people like to show their treasures :)


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear amy, thank you very much. i like to talk about things a know very well ;D and yes, i´m planning another christine & mrs lundby story, but i didn´t have the time to make the pictures, because of the twins birthday, sorry. i took the käthe kruse baby pictures a long time ago, so it was easy...


püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear florine, i´m happy you like the babies. the sleeping däumlinchen was a special wish i had for a long time. and i was so happy when i found her some years ago, for a price i could afford. since i recovered the lundbys again i didn´t spend much time for the käthe kruse dolls. and unfortunately my k.k. collection has reached the point at which i collected everything i could afford and the rest i would like is out of my price range... so i have to stop now or win the lottery ;D


My Realitty hat gesagt…

I also am in love with the sleeping baby. He looks so peaceful. Beautiful dolls! CM