Dienstag, 9. März 2010


I received some lovely awards lately and i want to say THANK YOU to all who gave them to me!
it makes me very happy you like my lundby village stories and all the other little things i like to show!
and i really appreciate all the contacts and friendships i found here the last months. i started this toy blog without any expectations and i never thought i´d find so many other people who like toys, dolls and especially dollhouses like i do. it´s so great to have friends to share a hobby with!
and because i´m not a real award-type and it´s to hard for me to select just six people, i´ll leave these awards here for all readers of my blog - which received the awards from others around here anyway :)
i was also tagged by petra, rebecca and beafordolls and i´m still thinking about this game :) i would like to play it but i´m not sure my english is good enough to tell 10 random facts about myself... and that´s no fishing for compliments - you don´t know how looooong it sometimes takes to write the texts here!


Rebecca hat gesagt…

Wer sagt, daß man auf Englisch schreiben muß? Tatsachen auf jeder Sprache Tatsachen sind!

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@rebecca - stimmt! :) aber tatsachen die nicht alle lesen können?! ich habe schon einen teil geschrieben und schaffe den rest auch noch... ;D