Dienstag, 2. März 2010

New guys in town

yesterday christine invited mrs lundby to take a look at the three guys she chose from all the mail she received... she got a lot of letters, but a lot of the men who wrote weren´t appropriate for christine.

here you can see thorfinn. he is 32 years old, a teacher and got a new job at the local primary school. and he apparently like stripes in black and white. hopefully he isn´t just thinking in black and white... :O

this fellow is called brodde, he is 35 years old and he works as a physiotherapist in lundby village. christine calls him the "pril-flower-type" because of the "pril blume" behind him at the wall :) (pril flowers are very typical for the 70s era here in germany.)

and last not least: hans-herman. he is 33 years old and a widower. he is looking for an appartment because he´s got a new job as a pediatrician at the hospital in the next bigger town near to lundby village. christine was a bit concernded about all the posters you can see in the background of his picture... but she likes his letter and his sad & friendly look... *sigh* ;D

what do you mean - what should christine do next? invite them alone to show them the appartement or together? she doesn´t know and mrs lundby has no idea either...


credits: all the men are lundby dolls. thorfinn and hans-hermann are older ones from the late 70s up to the 80s. brodde is a real modern lundby guy from today. all the backgrounds are from a book about the 70s here in germany.


Beafordolls hat gesagt…

I would invite them separately, even if I prefer thornfinn :)
I don't like the pictures in the background of hans-herman, even if he looks sad and friendly. Christine should pay attention. I think, he's only looking for a new appartment.
For the third one, hummm... I think, he's too braun, he probably spends more time laying in the sun than working ... but, let's give him a chance, why not?
I'll be happy to follow their conversation during the dinner ...

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Yes, I think she should invite them separately. It's usual, both when looking for a new flatmate, and when dating! (Unless the other men also have dates, of course.) And I somehow think that if the three men came at the same time, they might get a bit competitive ....
I wouldn't write off Hans-Herman because of the posters in the background. At least he is upfront about his interests - maybe the others have similar posters, and just chose a bland background for their photos? And he's a paediatrician, so it sounds like he cares about children.
So, I think they're all in with a chance, and I look forward to hearing what Christine thinks when she's met them :-)

ps There is an award for you on my blog - did you see it?

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Now I know what you've been doing. Very amusing post. I think you should send all three to PubDolls Bar for an evening with some loose gals in the scenes to see how they behave. I personally like Hans-Herman because Christine's outfit matches his. Maybe the posters aren't his also. Christine should also run credit scores and ask lots and lots of questions.

My Realitty hat gesagt…

I think she should go out with them separately in a public place, a cafe or movie. Then she won't be distracted if they compete over her.

I say try Hans-herman first. He seems dashibg with his Che Guervera poster. Teachers are steady though. Hmmmmmmmm. Nice dilemma to have! C

Pandora hat gesagt…

Hmmm. hans-herman could be looking for someone to look after him, he has a rogish air about him too. No! No! No! not hans-herman.

Did Thornfinn knit his own sweater? Probably not, I suspect his mother knitted it for him. Thornfinn might be nice enough but his mother could be trouble.

Now it is fair to say that Brodde is not a dashing chap but he does have a cheerful look and he is a physiotherapist which is always useful.

My vote goes to Brodde :-)

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

hahaha - you girls are all so funny and cool :D so everybody here thinks it´s better to meet them separately, okay - so it´ll be. but i think they have to meet at the villa, because she has to show them the flat. i think christine will invite mrs lundby for one or two of this meetings to have a second view.

@beafordolls - it´s a good idea to listen to a conversation, maybe i´ll post it like this next time

@rebecca - you are right, i guess hans-hermann is a nice guy! and no sorry, i didn´t notice the award... :( i had so much to do the last two weeks and no time for blogposts. i´ll take a look, now.

@amy - yes, very good idea! i wish i could take them all to helene´s pub! to ask a lot questions is sure a good way to know them better and hans-hermann´s outfit is really cool with christine´s :)...

@C - hum, i don´t know if hans-herman is the right one and if thorfinn will be steady ;D... really nice dilemma with a good potential for moooore stories!

@pandora -brodde?! really? hum, and why do you think hans-herman has something roguish :O and if thorfinn is mummies darling then you are right... difficult! i hope christine will make the right choice!


DollMum hat gesagt…

Invite them out separately definitely! However it would be entertaining to see how they react if they all got invited to the same party with others - it would be a way for Chrstine to assess how they react in crowd social situations.

There is an award for you on my blog ;-)

Florine hat gesagt…

No no not Brodde! This beach bum will party until he is 50 and then settle down with some bimbo that's barely of legal age!
Thorfinn is nice looking and evidently likes kids, but it sometimes takes teachers a long time before they make a decent salary...if that is important!
Hans-Herman...beware the widower who might always compare her to his lost love...but a good catch if he is a pediatrician!
We will just wait to see how you develop their personalities...that should be fun for all of us!
I agree with you that she should first meet them when she shows the apartment. Don't make us wait too long for the next installment!

Oese hat gesagt…

Ich schwimme natürlich gegen den Strom: Christine sollte allen gleichzeitig die Wohnung zeigen.
Männer lernt man viel besser kennen, wenn sie mit anderen zusammen sind. Alleine können sie sich noch benehmen, aber in einer Konkurrenzsituation kannst du erstmal richtig sehen, wer entspannt ist, wer der Gockel ist, wer schüchtern und wer souverän seine Ziele verfolgt. Oder eben verbissen kämpft.
Egal wie die Entscheidung aussieht, es wird bestimmt ein Spaß dabei zuzugucken. Was wir doch alle für Spanner sind ;-)
Viele Grüße aus Dortmund!

Dana R. Mocan hat gesagt…

Great story! I'm looking forward to see her choice. :)

Pandora hat gesagt…

Something in the way hans-herman casually leans in front of his posters; or perhaps the cord cardi or the fringed trousers that gives him a rogish air I think.

Ah! so mummy did knit Thorfinn's sweater!

But I have my doubts about Brodde now - a beachbum! I never thought of that.

Perhaps Christine could set them a task to decide which one is most suitable?


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

Of course they all can come to my pub! :-) But at their own risk, my old ladies are already swooning over the pictures of them, so I can't guarantee their safety if they show up in person!
But I must say Nicola, when I first saw your post I was a bit shocked, because it looked as Jean-Marie du Bédauré, who I haven't seen since the carnival, had found other hunting grounds after his unsuccesful approach on Polly Line! But when I took a closer look at Thorfinn (he must be Norwegian?) I was relieved to see I was mistaken :-) But of course with that name he's bound to be one of my favourites:-)
I like Brodde too, but don't think he's the right guy for Christine. But Hans-Herman and Christine would make a nice couple. I'm just concerned that since he's a widower, his late wife may be a tough act for Christine to follow.

püppilottchen hat gesagt…

dear dollmum, florine, oese, dana, pandora & pubdoll! thank you so much for the long answers and good ideas :) i hope we will have a follow-up from this story soon... i´m very excited too ;D