Samstag, 27. März 2010

Ten random facts about myself…

I was tagged by Rebecca and Bea a little while ago, so here finally is my response...

1. I´m the younger one of two sisters and I always was the one with the sunny disposition in our family. Maybe it came with all the dimples I have?! It wasn´t easy to fulfil this determination some days…

2. My sister and I we are so different you can´t imagine. Not just the fact i´m blond with blue eyes and she´s brown-haired with dark brown eyes.

3. I was a child which played all the day and lived in some fantasy worlds I conceived myself. I always loved toys and I still do

4. I was called Nicki when I was small and my friends and family still do.

5. When I grew up I played the piano, sang in different choirs and played at the drama group of my school. One of the plays we did was “The lord of the flyes” by W. Golding.

6. I have twin daughters and we have the disposition for twins in our small family – maybe i´ll be a twin-granny someday?

7. I love to go to fleamarkets and to collect vintage things. At the moment i try to reduce all these “treasures” here at my tiny house, because it´s to overcrowded. I decided to close some collections and just to collect doll´s houses, dolls and furnitures, german children´s books not younger than 40 years and käthe kruse dolls – of course!

8. I am a fashion designer with a diploma but never felt like one :) I like to design children´s clothes and accessoires but I never was one of these fashion victims which go with every fashion hype you can get. You would be very surprised by a look into my wardrobe!

9. I love the art of “Friedensreich Hundertwasser” since i´m a small child. Sometimes i dream of the kind of life he lived: making art, sailing with his boat “Regentag” (rainy day) or just living a very simple life on his little piece of land in New Zealand… just a dream I know :) I would miss all my odds and ends I cumulated around me!

10. I don´t like to cook, really! But if you´ld ask my girls they would say i´m a good cook… I just hate the fact to do all the work to cook a good & healthy meal and then it´s eaten up in minutes. I would prefer to spend all that time in doing patchwork or things which will last for longer!

The rules of this game were: if you're tagged, upload a photo saying you were tagged, put 10 random facts about yourself into the description, and tag 10 other people by adding them to the photo.

I uploaded more than one picture... I chose some pictures of my childhood photografic album, some of an album where i collected pictures from catalogues and drawings (all from my younger years in the 70s) and one picture of a cute spelling book my mum once made for me - all drawn and written by herself (by the way - she´s a teacher ;D)!

And because I had so much work with the pictures :) and a lot of my contacts here have been tagged before, i just chose 3 persons, i hope it´s okay for you...

I tag:
1. Die Puppenstubensammlerin because I adore her collection and she is also from Germany like me
2. Amy´s Miniatures and Smalls because I love her little, funny stories around her peeps
3. And Florine from My vintage Dollhouses and other treasure, because I love her humor and her great collection, too

*Phew* I´m happy I´ve already done this...

Have a nice weekend, Nicola


My Realitty hat gesagt…

So nice to learn about you! We are alike in that I a the younger of 2 sisters. I love how you express that you played all day and lived in a fantasy world. Me too!
Sounds like you have a wonderful life! Thanksfor sharing CM

My Realitty hat gesagt…
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diepuppenstubensammlerin hat gesagt…

Danke für die große Ehre,mal sehen, wann mir ein schöner Post dazu einfällt... tolle Fotos von Deinen Kindheitsfantasiewelten hast Du, Deine Mama fand wohl auch, dass Du sehr kreativ bist, sonst hätte sie Dich nicht dabei fotografiert. Ich erinnere mich auch an solche Puppenstubenwelten, die durchs ganze Kinderzimmer gingen, seltsam, wie einen die Leidenschaft so viele Jahre später wieder packt und man da weitermacht, wo man damals aufgehört hat...

Pubdoll hat gesagt…

Even I already knew some of these facts, it was very nice to get to know you a little bit better and to see the photos of you and your sister. As you have said earlier we are quite alike, but now I saw some differences as well! In my family I'm the elder child and even though I have no problem singing solo in church I never would have the nerves to perform on stage in a play!
I hope your shoulder is getting better!

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Dear CM, I´m happy you liked it :) and nice to know you were the same kind of child like me. Yes, my life is some kind of wonderful - but also a bit weird sometimes...


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Liebe Pustubsa - Ehre wem Ehre gebührt :) Ich bin gespannt was du daraus machst. Mich hat es echt Std. gekostet, aber es hat auch Spaß gemacht - vor allem dabei zu entdecken, dass es doch ein Foto meines verloren gegangenen Lundby Hauses gibt! Mir ist das nie aufgefallen... Die Fotos hat übrigens fast immer mein Vater gemacht. Und du hast recht, er fand mich kreativ, aber er konnte dabei oft kaum glauben, was sein jüngster Sproß so alles fabriziert hat ;D


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Dear Helene - I would never have the nerves to sing a solo in the church! :) And you are the older one - nice to know.

My shoulder is unfortunately still the same :( It´s aching and not getting better. I feel so handicapped! I hope they´ll find out very soon what´s wrong with it...


Florine hat gesagt…

Dear Nicola, your sunny disposition still shines through in the wonderful posts on your blog! Thank you for "tagging" me as it is very special coming from YOU!
It is nice to know a little more about you and your your dimples! I too am the younger sister but was blessed with a little brother when I was almost 10, and I do not like to cook either and share the same reasons why!
I love the pictures of your that Mrs. Lundby, now mother of 5, at the top of the slide?? I guess when you were younger, she lived more dangerously!
Hugs, Florine

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Dear Florine - Thank you so very much for your nice & understanding words :) funny, we both don´t like to cook ;D

And yes, that´s Mrs. Lundby on the climbing frame at the top of the slide :) Looks that she was a bit more sporty in the 70s ;D I always knew this picture but i never noticed until now, that my Lundby dolls house and Mrs Lundby are on it! I was so happy to discover it and i think i have to take a closer look at my parents photos if there are some more pictures of the house!


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Hi Nicola, Can I call you Nicki? Does your hair still look like it does in the first photo? LOL Thank-you so much for tagging me. I will get busy pondering my ten facts. I am so grateful you have those fabulous photos from childhood. Love that Flo spotted Mrs. Lundby on the slide. That is incredible! I also adore the cardboard boxes for doll houses. I agree that we can’t collect it all. I think you have made a brilliant choice to stick with what you love the most. So are you the mum who’s girls and dolls always look so nice, yet you just wear something old? My dolls have newer and better clothes than I do.

Can you tell me something about that red kitchen set in the photo? What scale is it? I just find it very attractive. Thanks again dear. I enjoy all your posts greatly. Looking forward to whatever is next and whenever it comes. Have a lovely, lovely day.

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Dear Amy - Thank you for your long and lovely comment :) If you like you can call me Al, hum, no Nicki ;D But I prefer Nicola.

The cardboard boxes for doll´s houses were my solution for a doll´s house before i got the Lundby doll´s house as a christmas present. I had no other choice, because my parents thought i was to small for a real doll´s house... So I made the best of it and i remember that my mum bought adhesive film (d-c-fix folie) with me to wallpaper the walls :)

I sometimes was the mum you discribed but not often...

The red kitchen must be from the 70s. I guess the size is barbie size. I think it´s made from tin, but i don´t know exactly. It´s a picture i cutted out of a catalogue or magazin when i was very small. You can also see the flower-packaging at the top and button. Maybe it´s a Modella kitchen?! That´s all i can tell you... I hope it helps?

*Nicola - expecting your 10 points :)

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Liebe Nicola,
I tried to leave this yesterday, but my internet connection kept dropping out - so fingers crossed :-)
Thank you for sharing these facts, and all these lovely photos and drawings! The photo with your cardboard house is fantastic - I love the pink bed and the plaid chairs especially! And the whole house is very roomy - very nice for the dolls. The photo with your Lundby house is great too - so much activity!
We share some things, too - as you know, I am one of two sisters, but like Helene, I'm the elder. My sister and I are alike in some ways, and get on very well together, but we don't look much alike - often people don't realise that we're sisters. And my little house is overcrowded too!
I don't like to perform though - after stage appearances at about age 6 as an angel in a Nativity play (I just had to hold my hands in a prayer position, and wear gauzy wings), and then as a rabbit whose ears fell off during the dance, I was not interested in being in drama groups!!!
Now I want to learn more about Hundertwasser. Oese and Helene already mentioned him, but I did not know that he lived in New Zealand! Thank you very much again Nicola, this was definitely worth waiting for!! lg Rebecca
ps what happened with your shoulder? It doesn't sound good :-(

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Liebe Rebecca

Vielen Dank für deinen langen Kommentar über den ich mich sehr gefreut habe :) ich mußte auch sehr lachen als ich mir dich als tanzendes Häschen vorstellte. Und ja, meine Schwester und ich werden auch selten für Geschwister gehalten.

Meine Schulter ist leider immer noch sehr krank :( so wie es aussieht komme ich nicht an einer Operation vorbei. Ich hatte in meinem anderen Blog auch ein post geschrieben:

...alles ziemlich blöd und auch sehr hinderlich beim Nähen & arbeiten!

LG und schöne Ostern, Nicola

Beafordolls hat gesagt…

Dear Nicola,
sorry to be late, I have read your blog yesterday and had no time to write a few lines.
First: thank you ... it's very interesting to know you better.
I have found several common points between you and me, but the number 7 has made me laugh :"I love to go to fleamarkets and to collect vintage things. At the moment i try to reduce all these “treasures” here at my tiny house, because it´s to overcrowded." Same thing here, but I'm not ready to reduce yet. I should, you're probably right.
Your pictures were very well chosen, I love the nice picture of you baby. And the one , which shows you and your sister playing with this "card" dolls house. You were very imaginative.
thank you for this post, and for all the other posts of your blog, I read them all, even if I don't leave a comment every time. And it's always a real pleasure.
Good evening,