Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

There´s a light....

During the last days I "played a bit Hans-Herman" and fixed all my Lundby lamps to light my houses.

Some of these came with the Lundby Gothenburg /Lundby Götheborg, I bought for Family Lundby last summer.
Some others came with furniture & things i bought on eb** or tra**ra. I was realy happy there was this little pack of plugs through the Lundby things from my childhood, because a lot of the lamps from the gothenburg were without plugs. The yellow lamp above is interesting, too. I bought it in the original package and all looks like Lundby, but as you can see, there is "Lillbo" written on it. Is "Lillbo" the same like "Lundby"? If anybody can tell me more about "Lillbo" I would be very happy.

I don´t know if all lamps are original Lundby, but i think the most are. Now, i have to decide which lamp should be in which house in the end... I have to do a little research in pepe´s old catalogues, because i´m a real nitpicker and i want the houses with the lamps from the right period :)

And could anybody please tell me why Lundby made these very practical little retaining pins on the ceilings of the Gothenburgs and stopped it when they produced the Stockholm??!!! I bought my Stockholm without any marks from stuck on lamps on the ceiling, because the former owner had no light in the house. And now I should start to stick lamps on the ceiling :O... I don´t know if I can do this... How do you stick your lamps on the ceilings?



*annina* hat gesagt…

Ich befestige meine Lampen mit 'Blu-Tack', so eine Art Knete. Das gute daran ist, dass man es jederzeit ohne Spuren wieder abmachen kann.
Die Lundby-Lampen sind bei weitem die interessantesten Mini-Lampen, ich verwende sie für meine 1:12 Miniaturen. Deine Lampen-Sammlung ist wunderbar!

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Wow. I just love that green one. It is nice to see other Lamps that I have not seen before. I use blue painters tape to hang all my lamps and I also use it for pictures on the wall. It is easy to remove and leaves no damage on celings but if left on wall for a long time it can remove the wall paper if not removed carefully. I love to keep moving things around so I don't use anything permanent. From what I know those Lundby stickier are meant to be permanent. Yes, let here be light! Have fun Nicola.

Florine hat gesagt…

Wow! What a great collection of lamps! Your job is something I need to do also. My Stockholm came with lamps but it was my grown son who insisted I hook them up...well, actually he hooked them up for me!
I use Mini-Hold made by What's Next, Inc. to attach any thing I need to stay in place (including a dollhouse wall yesterday). It's a clear wax putty that removes and doesn't stain. I found mine on eBay, but their website is; they sell dollhouse items. I even used it on the feet of Abuelito Felipe when his wife was chasing him with the broom!
Can't wait to see your lamps installed!

Pandora hat gesagt…

Great collection - the green one really stands out.


mara hat gesagt…

hihi.deine fragen kann ich dir leider nicht beantworten..aber ein zwei paar hätt ich gern in großformat (=

[übermorgen seh ich nina hoss im theater .jippie.ich binschon ganz aufgeregt. bisher kenn ich ja nur ihren bh (; ]

Rebecca hat gesagt…

What a great collection of lamps! I love the green one too. I have quite a lot of lamps which could be connected to electricity - but - I haven't tried to do it in any of my houses yet. So thank you, other bloggers, for your suggestions on attaching the lights to the ceiling. I don't feel very confident with connecting them up, but I might have a go.

ps You did a "Hans-Herman" - but did you have someone good-looking to hold on to you while you did it? ;^)

callsmall hat gesagt…

Lovely! I, too, have the "lillbo" lamp, but in orange. I thought it was Lundby, but mine did not come packaged. I use the same blu-tack as annina and while it works quite well, it can leave marks. I must try Florine's Mini-Hold. Thanks for sharing your collection!!

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Annina - vielen Dank für das Kompliment und den Tipp. Von der Blu-Tack-Knete hat Oese mir auch schon erzählt, aber ich glaube sie hinterläßt doch teils Spuren... so wie callsmall unten auch schreibt, sie scheint die selbe Erfahrung gemacht zu haben. Meine eine Tochter heißt übrigens auch Annina :) schöner Name!


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Amy - Hum, i don´t know if we have blue painters tape here in Germany... Yes, the green one is one of my favs, too :) I just put it to the Lundbys dinnigroom. It´s lovely with all the red furniture. And i think you are right - these Lundby stickers are meant to be permanent :/ I had some lamps in my collection with tape-rests with the half ceiling on it!


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Florine - You have a Stockholm, too??!! When will we see pictures :) And how cute your grown up son hooked up the lamps for you. Mara (one of my grown up twindaughters) asked me all the time when she came home: "Und geht das Licht?" - "Does the light work right now" and it took me so long to do it...

I saw Mini-Hold at in one miniature shop here in Germany and I always wanted to know if it´s good or not - so thanks for the information!! Hehehe i wondered how you made this picture with Abuelito Felipe :)

I´m still working on the houses. The Lundbys Gothenburg is nearly finished. The orange lamp at the livingroom had a broken bulb and one of the orange ones i used for the kids rooms first worked and broke after a few minutes :( ... a lot more to do.


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Pandora - Thank you! Everybody loves the green one :)


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Rebecca - I never was that interested in lights in my Lundby houses - Mara was! And i had all these little lamps - so i had to try it. And what shell i say... i loooove the Gothenborg with light it´s so REALLY NICE!!

No, i have no handsome handyman to hold on to me... *sigh* But if i think about it - I don´t need one ;D


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Callsmall - I´m sure Lundby made the same as you wrote in orange. I have it in my Gothenburg in the Livingroom. Maybe Lillbo was a sister company and they made similar lamps in different colours for it?!

I found some adhesion here at a stationery store from "TESA" that works pretty good, too. It´s transparent and removable - really cool. I´ll test it now for a while and if it´s good i´ll write about it :)


Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Mara :) - Ja, einige der Lampen in groß wäre cool ;D

Wie jetzt N. Hoss´ BH?! Da fällt bei mir jetzt nicht der Groschen... Müssen wir wohl telefonieren :)

*Mami ♥♥