Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

1:12 Soest

Yesterday Petra/Oese and me met at the 1:12 fair at Soest...

For me it was the first time I visited a miniature fair and I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the impressions!

There wasn´t nothing you couldn´t get in a small version and I was very glad I´m so focused on Lundby and things in 1:16 or 1:18 scale, because otherwise I could have bought much more than I did... *phew*

So I watched Petra while she decided what stylish chair or daybed she would like to buy at

was fascinated by all the things some people make, like fimo food or mini porcelain dolls and learned a lot about the miniworld in 1:12, I never could imagine before!

I bought some tiny things which will go for my Lundby houses too I´ll show you in another post...

If you like and take a look at the list of sellers here at the 1:12 page you´ll find some delightful stores and items!

AND it was also great to meet Petra in real life! We knew each other a bit from several phonecalls and had a lot of fun on our first little blogger-meeting!!

Yours, Nicola

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Tornados... Earthquake...?!

Very recently I was a "Glückspilz" (lucky mushroom) again ;D
This old Lundby Gothenburg/Göteborg (and the furniture) were on eb** and the seller lived in the same town as me...

So I made a bit and thought: "If I get it for 1.00 €uro I´ll take it..." And the lucky winner was: ME! :) I´ll take the extension as a basement hobby room for the Lundby´s new neighbours. Maybe someone has some garage doors for me?

I don´t know exactly what to do with the "Tornado-House" but it offers some nice opportunities. I always thought it must be fun to renovate an old Lundby house and to decorate it like I want - maybe with some new crazy 70s wallpaper?! I could make the upper storey in one because the wall got lost anyway... So many ideas - we will see...


Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

The Lundby Gothenburg/Göteborg shape in real life

Today I made a cycline tour here at Minden and the surrounding and had my Lundby-glases on :)

I found a lot of Gothenburg-shaped houses during the trip I never noticed before...

I guess they were all build during the 50s and 60s and...

some of them were renovated and modernized since then

I like this one the best because of the small glass bricks and the original look!

Wishing you a nice Whit weekend, yours Nicola

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg, 1970 - Part 3.

Third and last part of the Lundgren´s Gothenburg house tour:

Meanwhile Greta did the dishes Konrad layed the table for the afternoon tea at the lovely empire dinigroom...

At this part of the house you can see that someone played with it before. The stylish staircase with the wooden banister was fixed with silicone and the varnish of the doors & frames of the house looks a bit used, too.

Greta: "Honey, why did you forget the cups, we can´t have tea without cups..."

Konrad:"Oh, sorry... (Thinks: Women! You can do what you want something is always wrong...)

The entrance...

and the bathroom - which is nearly the same as in the Gothenburg of the Lundby´s, but with blue tiles and made in one piece. The toilet is hidden behind the wardrobe-piece.

The hallway piece has a little light at the top of the mirror, but Greta & Konrad still need a mirror and light for the bathroom. They also want some paintings for the diningroom and they would like some carpets for both rooms, too.

Credits: All furniture are Lundby (as usual ;D). The lamps and the mirror at the dinigroom are Lundby, too. The little pinguins are from my granny´s treasure chest. The tea service (without cups and plates - poor Konrad!) is from my mum´s doll´s house. The cake is from "fimozauber" and is made from the same recipe like this cake here :). The owl is one of the first tiny gifts they had in the "kinder surprice eggs" in the 7os and was a fleamarket find. The small coathangers are Bodo Hennig. They came with my "new" Gothenburg from 1975 and were perfect for the hallway piece.
Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola

Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg, 1970 - Part 2.

Today I´ll show you the Lundgren´s bedroom & kitchen:

Greta & Konrad like to travel and have their own sailing yacht! You can see them on the photo on Greta´s nightstand. It was taken on the last journey to the Lake Garda.

I´m very happy with the bedroom, because everything is so cozy & light. I´m absolutely in love with the bedding - the roses are so cool! (If somebody knows if it´s original Lundby please let me know, because I´m not sure). I think they also need a blue carpet...

I also like the kitchen - it was not easy to fix the wall cupboard without leaving marks, but now it works! They still need a wall lamp and some curtains to to put the finishing touches to the room.

Greta doing the dishes...

Do you remember these kitchen calendars printed on towls?! My Mum used to hang them on the wall in the 70s and later we used them as towls until they were totally washed-out.

Credits: All furniture are Lundby, so are the most accessoires. The swan & the little lamp on the vanity are fom my childhood - I think the lamp was inside a grab bag or a bubblegum automate, the same with the clock on Konrad´s nightstand. The frame was a kinder surprise egg gift, but without the photo which is vintage and I don´t know the persons on it... The painting is unknown and shows a lovely montain scene - sorry, the lamp was in the way! The kitchen lamp is Lundby, but I´m not sure with the one in the bedroom - Info´s welcome! The calender is printed on paper and I found it on flickr :) The bottles and some pieces of the dishes are Hennig.

I wish you a nice weekend and a lovely mother´s day!! *Nicola

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg, 1970 - Part 1.

Do you remember Greta & Konrad Lundgren, the owners of "Furniture & Antiques"? They moved into a Lundby Gothenburg I gave myself as a christmas present last year.

I bought the empty house just with two lamps & a mirror in it. It took a while until I got all the furniture I wanted, because i looked for those who would emphasize the nordic style of the blue floor and the light wallpaper. Fortunately Greta & Konrad run the shop :)...

Here you can see them enjoying the evening after work in their cozy livingroom.

They are talking about their new neighbours who bought the Gothenburg in their street, next to the Lundby´s house. Greta wonders if they will need some furniture and if they will come to the shop...

Konrad is a real music fan, he likes to play the piano and loves his new/old gramophone he bought yesterday from a costumer. So he listens kindly to Greta, but is also thinking about the gramophone and if he has some records for it...

To be continued...

I dated this house exactly to 1970, because of the wooden banister, the light wallpaper they used at the end 60s and the door to the entrance & bathroom. The earlier houses had no door - just a passage without a door and they changed it in 1970.

Credits: All furniture are Lundby, the most accessoires like lamps and the plant & telephone, too. The painting with the ship is the one I bought at "Tukadu", the little bird on the shelf is Wendt & Kühn and I have it since I am a little child. The gramophone is a fleamarket find, but it could be Lundby, they made some like these in the 80s. The cute felt pillows were a gift from carola from The bottle of sparkling wine is Hennig and maybe the glasses, too?!

And if you wonder why I´m still here writing posts... I decided not to be operated and to try some alternative therapies. I hope it´ll work!

I´m wishing you a wonderful "first of may weekend", yours Nicola