Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg, 1970 - Part 3.

Third and last part of the Lundgren´s Gothenburg house tour:

Meanwhile Greta did the dishes Konrad layed the table for the afternoon tea at the lovely empire dinigroom...

At this part of the house you can see that someone played with it before. The stylish staircase with the wooden banister was fixed with silicone and the varnish of the doors & frames of the house looks a bit used, too.

Greta: "Honey, why did you forget the cups, we can´t have tea without cups..."

Konrad:"Oh, sorry... (Thinks: Women! You can do what you want something is always wrong...)

The entrance...

and the bathroom - which is nearly the same as in the Gothenburg of the Lundby´s, but with blue tiles and made in one piece. The toilet is hidden behind the wardrobe-piece.

The hallway piece has a little light at the top of the mirror, but Greta & Konrad still need a mirror and light for the bathroom. They also want some paintings for the diningroom and they would like some carpets for both rooms, too.

Credits: All furniture are Lundby (as usual ;D). The lamps and the mirror at the dinigroom are Lundby, too. The little pinguins are from my granny´s treasure chest. The tea service (without cups and plates - poor Konrad!) is from my mum´s doll´s house. The cake is from "fimozauber" and is made from the same recipe like this cake here :). The owl is one of the first tiny gifts they had in the "kinder surprice eggs" in the 7os and was a fleamarket find. The small coathangers are Bodo Hennig. They came with my "new" Gothenburg from 1975 and were perfect for the hallway piece.
Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola


Anna hat gesagt…

Hi there! ;)

I love the look of this house! I´ve never seen a wardrobe-piece like that before -must have one now! :D

I agree with your view about the plastic furniture. I have a lot of them but I´m always looking forward to replace them with real lundby, or at least more "real" furniture (wooden etc).

I´m going back to UK next week, just a little visit, but I´m hoping to do some miniature-shopping as well. :)

Have a nice and sunny weekend!

diepuppenstubensammlerin hat gesagt…

Liebe Nicola,
die Kleiderbügel sind von Bodo Hennig - von wem auch sonst, wenn ich mich schon mal melde... wie schon gesagt, die Idee mit der im Badezimmer integrierten Garderobe finde ich raffiniert...

Florine hat gesagt…

This house and its' furnishings are such a wonderful additon to your village! What's the population now?
I need some shops like you, Amy and Rebecca have!

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

@Anna - Thank you :) and good treasure hunting!

@Pustubsa - Ah, danke dann will ich das gleich mal ändern!!

@Florine - Thank you, too! Hum, the population is now: Lundbys 7 persons, Christine and Hans-Hermann 2, The Lundgrens 2, The new family next to the Lundbys house ~5 (I´m still not sure how many children they will have) and some single persons without houses. I guess 22-25 until now... And having shops is really fun, but you also need a lot of tiny pieces - wares to get the real look for a shop.


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Hi Nicola... You are so sweet to leave a note. Hugs to you too. Love this post. I really like the sauna and the coat hangers. I have started my list of 10 things you don't know about me on my blog. The neighbor lady says I've been working like a dog. I haven't been eating dog food though. Really, really appreciate your note. Hope you are well and having great fun! Big Smile to YOU! Amy

Pubdoll hat gesagt…

I adore the little penguins in the dining room! (As you may know, Helmer collect penguins:-)
And the Hallway piece is wonderful, I have seen it on ebay, but haven't bid on it so far, since Helmer and Nora already have a whole room as their entrance hall and I dont think my other residents will have room for it. (poor Polly Line hasn't even a bathroom :-)