Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

He loves cars and James Bond!

Hans-Hermann had a very busy time at his new job at the hospital, so it took a while until he finished to decorate his apartment.

But now everything is after his fancy and so he invited his best Friend Franz and Christine, to get to know each other and also to celebrate his new home with a good glas of wine.

Meanwhile Hans-Hermann and Franz talk shop about the latest James Bond car in Hans-Hermann´s collection...

Christine trys to get Piff of the bed. She is a bit irritated by the new Hunderwasser picture Hans-Hermann just hung over his bed - she really feels like someone is watching her!

Later everything is perfect - they talk about this and that (Cars, cars, James Bond and the latest movie...) and Christine begins to feel a bit more comfy despite of all the cars and Bond Posters surrounding her. The dogs feel the relaxed admoshere and...

look what the naughty boys are doing - rolling on Hans-Hermann new white carpet! (In german we call this kind of carpet "Flokati", but I didn´t find the word in my dict)

Hans-Hermann´s cool James Bond cars are Micro Machines i recently found on our fleamarket. Front row from the left to the right: Bentley Mark IV, From Russia with Love (1963), Aston Martin DB 5 "Most famous", Goldfinger (1964) & Fireball (1965), Lotus Esprit, The Spy who loved me (1977). Back row: I didn´t find any information about the red car but the blue one is a BMW Z3 Bond drove in Golden eye (1995).

The most furniture are Lundby, except the fireplace and TV (Lisa) and the sideboard (unknown). The "Flokati" is a piece of fake fur made by me. The new green Hundertwasser picture was a vintage tag for presents and it shows a detail of "Columbus rainy day in India" #687 A, painted in 1971.

Have a nice weekend, Nicola

Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

Käthe Kruse doll´s house dolls

When I started to work as a Fashion Designer for the dolls, at the well known Toys Company Käthe Kruse in 2003 & 2004, one of my first jobs was to dress up little Friedebald, you can see at the left of this picture. (*Argh* I though I would break my fingers, but after all I really like his little outfit!)

He was the second one of a series of doll´s house dolls Käthe Kruse makes exclusively as a present, for the club members of the Käthe Kruse Club: "The Käthe Kruse Family".

These both are small Thumbelinas/Däumlinchen - The one at the left is a tiny Linchen with a blue dress. And look at the cute little strawberry bag! It was a present from Schneewalski who I met at the 1:12 in Soest.

The most of them are replicas of special doll types in a smaller size (They are from 11,5 to 13 cm small). Except the young man in the sailor suit. He shows Max Kruse the youngest son of the seven children of Käthe Kruse & Max Kruse senior.

This is a tiny "Rumpumpel Baby", one of the dolls I would like in the original size, too :) Each of them came in the typical red Käthe Kruse box with a small blanket and a certificate!

If I´m really thruthful I didn´t like these dollies at first... poor little things! I didn´t like the BIG hands and the porcelain heads, because they are so very, very wrong for Käthe Kruse dolls! But after a while I began to like them :) They are nice to decorate because of the flexible bodies and they are very cute as a doll for a doll. How do you like them?

Have a nice weekend, Nicola

Käthe Kruse Puppenhauspuppen werden von der Firma Käthe Kruse exclusiv für die Mitglieder der Käthe Kruse Familie herausgegeben. Bisher erschienen: Ilsebill 2002/2003, Friedebald 2004/2005, Finerle 2005/2006, Max 2006/2007, Kathl 2007/2008, Linchen 2008/2009, Baby Rosalie 2009/2010 - to be continued!

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

The Lundby swimmingpool - Das Lundby Schwimmbecken

When I was small I dreamend of a small Lundby Village with all Lundby things I always saw in the shop window of our local toyshop...

I dreamend that my dolls would have a swimming pool (like my best friend Friederike had in her real garden)...

Do you wanna jump into the cool water?! I would like to, but the pool is even to small for one of my feet ;D

It´s just a little childhood dream come true... (by the way, the pool came with the 1975 Gothenburg and was one of the things I watched so often at eb** and I couldn´t afford normaly)

I´m wishing you a sunny summer - maybe with a pool in your (Lundby) garden :) *Nicola

P. S.: One good advice: Never fill water in your vintage Lundby pool like I did! I don´t know if it never was made for filling water in it or if it became leak through the years?! Anyway after the photo shooting there was water everywhere and I had to dry it in the sun. Now it is dry again, but also has some water markings on it :( ... I thought it was a toy *argh*!!!

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Tiny & cute things from the fair:

Sabrina & Sabine are very happy with all the toys I brought from the 1:12... I adore the tiny-tiny The Very Hungry Caterpillar /"Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt" book (it was my favorite book when I was small). It´s made like the really book - you can read every page!

The guy on the right isn´t Mr Lundby in cooler clothes - I found him on the fair too and he will live in the 1975 Lundby Gothenburg...

Petra and I planned to swap at the fair and she brought a bag full of treasures with her... aaaand I forgot mine at home! But I had to take Carry and Petra chose some of the furniture I once displayed at Furniture and Antiques. Thanks to the Internet it was no problem :)

Carry is a lovely old Caco doll and I first fell in love with her when I saw her at Petra´s blog! When I was small I always used my Mum´s old Caco dolls as dolls for the Käthe Kruse dolls, because to my mind they look like small K. Kruse dolls!

Perfect - isn´t it?! And because I don´t have a dollshouse in Carry´s size she now lives with all my Käthe Kruse dolls in my dolls showcase.


The Käthe Kruse Thumbelinas are both from 1977 - She´s called Margit & his name is Guido. The rocking chair is from Monchichi also from the 70s. The wooden bed is from my childhood. My parents once brought it along for me when they went for a hike without Andrea & me. The baby is from my childhood too and I think it´s ARI.