Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

He loves cars and James Bond!

Hans-Hermann had a very busy time at his new job at the hospital, so it took a while until he finished to decorate his apartment.

But now everything is after his fancy and so he invited his best Friend Franz and Christine, to get to know each other and also to celebrate his new home with a good glas of wine.

Meanwhile Hans-Hermann and Franz talk shop about the latest James Bond car in Hans-Hermann´s collection...

Christine trys to get Piff of the bed. She is a bit irritated by the new Hunderwasser picture Hans-Hermann just hung over his bed - she really feels like someone is watching her!

Later everything is perfect - they talk about this and that (Cars, cars, James Bond and the latest movie...) and Christine begins to feel a bit more comfy despite of all the cars and Bond Posters surrounding her. The dogs feel the relaxed admoshere and...

look what the naughty boys are doing - rolling on Hans-Hermann new white carpet! (In german we call this kind of carpet "Flokati", but I didn´t find the word in my dict)

Hans-Hermann´s cool James Bond cars are Micro Machines i recently found on our fleamarket. Front row from the left to the right: Bentley Mark IV, From Russia with Love (1963), Aston Martin DB 5 "Most famous", Goldfinger (1964) & Fireball (1965), Lotus Esprit, The Spy who loved me (1977). Back row: I didn´t find any information about the red car but the blue one is a BMW Z3 Bond drove in Golden eye (1995).

The most furniture are Lundby, except the fireplace and TV (Lisa) and the sideboard (unknown). The "Flokati" is a piece of fake fur made by me. The new green Hundertwasser picture was a vintage tag for presents and it shows a detail of "Columbus rainy day in India" #687 A, painted in 1971.

Have a nice weekend, Nicola


Beafordolls hat gesagt…

Hi Nicola,
Nice to spend some time with Hans-Hermann and Christine again. Hans Hermann has a very comfortable flat now. It's clean and well decorated. I hope that Piff and Paff have not left too much hair on his nice white Flokati (that's also the name, we give to these rugs in France). I have one in my livingroom, and by chance my cats are white.
have a nice weekend too,

Anonym hat gesagt…

Die Tapete gefällt mir gut und das Sideboard natürlich, ein echtes Schätzchen.Wo hast du das bloß wieder her?
Bei dir habe ich jetzt dasselbe Problem wie bei Helene, das System will mein Passwort und nimmt es dann nicht an.
Ich bin die Metallschlaufe, woll!

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Dear Bea

Thanks for your nice comment :) Hans-Hermann will be happy to hear it! And white cats on a white Flokati sounds well - I really don´t know if H-H will ever invite Christine with the dogs again...

Püppilottchen hat gesagt…

Danke liebe Oese :) Versuche dich mal anzurufen und erkläre dir den Trick mit dem Passwort - habe das selbe Problem nämlich auch.

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls hat gesagt…

Looks like you SCORED at the fleamarket. Love the dogs on the rug. Sorry I've been so quiet but working on two houses is Pure Crazy... I sleep very well at night though because I am exhausted. I do think the James Bond cars are so cool. Bet you were excited when you found them at the fleamarket.