Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

I like it...

if I find vintage treasures! And I like it much more if they include things I didn´t expect! Recently I found a vintage "Constanze" special edition, from 1966 at our local charity shop. Inside a lot of craft ideas like knitting and crochting and at the children´s corner I found... a Lundby Gothenburg:

Look she´s got this special Lundby sofa in her hands Oese/Petra likes so much:

There was also this cute ad with a dolls Kitchen:

I guess the doll is a Schildkröt/Turtle mark doll?! You find some more pictures here at my Püppilottchen blog (it´s newly in english, too) and at my flickr.

As you sure noticed I was a bit lazy here with posting and commenting, because of the great summer weather and some more other reasons, like costum orders, crafting for my onlineshop and family... Next week the summer holidays are beginning here in North-Rhine-Westfalia and so I´m going to make a little summer break. I will be back at the end of august.

I´m wishing you a wonderful summer and a good time!