Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

I love Mertens Kunst - Mertens Art

First of all i want to say thank you for all your sweet words you wrote! It´s so good to know you think of me and understand why i had to make a break!!

I´ll try to move on with my little toy blog here... but all Lundby houses are covered with a heavy layer of dust, so i come back with another theme - Mertens art wooden toys:

If you were born in the 60s or 70s, you´ll probably know them. Mertens Kunst is a german company which is specialized on wooden toys and decorations like wall plaques, coat racks, jumping jacks and puzzles... The Designer is Ute Mertens and she works together with Alfred Mertens (unfortunately I don´t know how these two people belong together - a couple, father and daughter?! If you know something more, please let me know). Mertens Kunst is so characteristic for my childhood and nursery - I couldn´t imagine it without Mertens sweeties!

And every time i went to a fleamarket i always found somthing "Mertens" :) so i hoarded a lot of these lovely things in my tiny house over the years. Recently i decided to sell some of these treasures and one thing leads to another! I took pictures, opened a Dawanda Shop (it´s like etsy) for vintage things and also founded a new flickr group.

Now i can collect them virtual, have more space for Lundby stuff and Käthe Kruse and earn some money, too... I´m smart -or not?! ;D
I hope you all have a wonderful advent season and i´m wishing you a peaceful & happy time!
Hugs, yours Nicola


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

Dear Nicola, so nice to have you back, I have thought a lot of you and even though I haven't left any messages for you, you have been missed! I hope you're better and that you will have a wonderful advent season as well!
These Mertens toys were unknown for me, so I guess they wasn't sold in Norway. Thery are very cute, so I guess it couldn't be an easy decision to sell them but earning money to buy more Lundby furniture is always a good deal :-)

My Realitty hat gesagt…

I love these cut outs! So fresh. I think we had them or some other company copied copied them. Happy Holidays! CM

Moni hat gesagt…

Hallo liebe Nicola, die Figuren sind bezaubernd! Ich bin erst jetzt darauf aufmerksam geworden, dass ich auch was von Mertens habe, nämlich eine Messlatte mit Kindern aus aller Welt. Die schau ich jetzt mit ganz anderen Augen an. Danke!
LG Moni