Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

A blurry picture and blurry memories ...

When I recently sorted a bunch of pictures i found through my sisters things, i discovered another picture of me with my Lundby doll´s house...
And after i starred a while on it (and smiled a lot because i look so funny and also about Maria lying on the windowsill) i was really surprised about the fact, that my Gothenburg was not the well known one, i thought it was... no, it was a so called: economy or plain Lundby Gothenburg... My memories seem to be kind of unreliable :)

(This house is not mine - sold on eb** in 2010)
And because i didn´t find any pictures or informations in the old Lundby catalogues, i surched in the www and found a lot to show and explain the differences between the Lundby Gothenburg and the economy Lundby Gothenburg - if somebody is interested :). I think it was produced from the beginning of the 60s to the end of the 70s - but I´m not sure about that...
(Also not mine, but furnished with some funiture you sure know from the Lundby´s house!)
To tell the truth: If something is called economy it´s meant to be cheap :) So the plein Gothenburg is missing some details you can find at it´s more expensive sisters. First the roof:

It´s bright red like all the other Gothenburg´s roofs from that period, but without a chimney!

The back is made from just a simple hardboard and without a Lundby sticker or anything else.

The "bricks" at the sidewalls are directly printed on the hardboard.

The wooden edging at the front, is painted beige. It has nor windows neither doors - just white window sills and doorframes.

All floors are blue... And what makes the real difference: You can find no stairs and the bathroom is at the first level in the middle! And because there is no stair and no little space for a transformer underneath, you can´t find any electricity in the house... :(

At all the economies i saw at different sources (like this one from add_knitter here at flickr - Awwww, I love this picture!) they used light and simple wallpapers and you can find always this yellow-white patterned wallpaper in the upper left room, you can see here.

Funny is, i really can´t remember my "Economy" i played with for years! I was sooo sure how it must have looked and i guess "my memories" were influenced by some "little girl´s dreams" i had in my brain, from the past...
If you know something more about the economy Lundby Gothenburg (Das günstige/schlichte Lundby Göteborg) - all informations are welcome!!

*Nicola, who is wishing you the best for 2011!!!
Thanks to the eb** seller fiete106 who gave me the permission to show her/his pictures!