Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

70s doll´s fashion for Kruse dolls

Recently i found some pictures of cute Käthe Kruse "Hampelchen" in chrocheted and knitted 70s doll´s outfits in bright colours and with lovely details:

I love these old magazines, books and tutorials to make doll´s clothes :) They often show which kind of fashion was hip at that time and also reflect the spirit of the time in the mini version.


Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

It´s finally time for something new!!

Sorry, i didn´t no postings the last time here at my toy blog - I´m to busy with my job & business... No time for playing with the Lundbys or to show news from the collection! (And i have to show news - but first i have to take pictures...)

One thing i want to show you for the moment is cute tiny "Coraly". She was the present for the club year 2010/2011 at the Käthe Kruse club and she is a real Erna Meyer doll´s house doll - Meant to be a pin, but i´ll use her as a doll :) Just 2,4 (6 cm) tall - perfect for Lundby houses! Isn´t she as cute as cute can be?!

Also in the parcel the K.K. Calendar and a nice card! Sometimes it´s really nice to be a club member :)

Hugs yours Nicola