Samstag, 23. April 2011

Happy Easter with "Lümpele"

Recently i found a bunch of old easter children´s books at our local charity shop. The most of them went into my lil´ Dawanda shop "RetroPüppi", but i couldn´t resist to keep one for me, because of the so very cool pictures/illustrations of 50s furnishings and life style! "Lümpele, the little easter bunny" (Lümpele means little scallywag or rascal)

The text is in German, but the pictures are telling the story without any words:

 Awwww, so cute isn´t it?! Look at the wooden wall plague with the poodle - a bit like Mertens Kunst i adore so much!

I´m wishing you a very happy Eastertime with lots of eggs and little "Lümpeles"!! Yours, Nicola

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg 1975 - Part 1.

Come and meet the Lundboms (Gunilla & Bertil) :) They are the new owners of the Lundby Gothenburg doll´s house from 1975. They bought the house because they needed more space for their fast-growing family...

Mrs Lundbom is a child care worker and after the birth of their first daughter Kerstin they decided to have some foster children and also a private little day care, so she could work at home.

Here you can see Kerstin´s new foster siblings; Tilda & Linnea playing doll´s at the children´s bedroom.

I decided to furnish the children´s floor not just with Lundby furniture, because the range of Lundby nusery furniture wasn´t really big in the past! They always had bunk beds, a wooden play table and stools or later little armchairs (you can see both variations here) and (yes indeed) the blackboard!

So I mixed it with these cool green (typical 70s) plastic furniture made by "modella" and i really like the result! Gunilla´s visitor is a mother who wants to bring her baby girl to Gunilla´s day care...

Some more children playing with "playmobil toys".

Kerstin together with a cute Caco baby in adorable yellow terry cloth rompers :)

 These rooms are not furnished like "pressed into a time frame" as you know it from my other Lundby doll´s houses, because i wanted a real "day-care-look" for them. So it became something more free-style - Oops ;D

Credits: The furniture are Lundby and modella. The desk and chair is Playmobil. I guess the baby bed is Caco as baby´s bed at the Lundby´s house (it still needs some bedding). The lamps are Lundby and most of the pictures, too. I put some typical 70s illustrations into some Lundby frames at the bedroom. The round picture is made by "nutella" (a very well known german chocolate spread). In the 70s they put different kinds of naive art pictures into a small space between the glas and the cap, to make the children collect them all. The little toys are wooden ore mountains toys (erzgebirgs spielzeug) from my granny´s treasure chest and also from the 1:12 at Soest. The mini matrjoschka dolls are the smallest baby-matrjoschkas form some bigger ones i got. The plastic baby dolls are from my childhood - one is from a "kinder surprise egg". The books and blue cans are Bodo Hennig. Unfortunately i don´t know anything about these "Sesame Street" puppets Bert and Cookie Monster i found at a fleamarket - any informations are welcome! All dolls are Caco from the 70s.

I hope you like the little house tour?! To be continued!


Freitag, 8. April 2011

Let there be a spring cleaning...

Do you remember this Lundby Gothenburg house from last year?! I do :) Since last year there lives a lovely family in the house, called the Lundboms. I´ll tell you more later... Aaaand as you all know (because i told you a thousand times) all my Lundby houses still need to be dusted!

So i told Mrs. Lundbom that she needs to do this for me, because I´m so busy all the time - AND LOOK WHAT HAPPEND! She is so great, isn´t she ;D
Here you can get a sneak peek into the Lundbom´s home... More pictures will follow, when Mrs Lundbom has finished :))) Promised! (And *pssst* - don´t tell her there are visitors upstairs at the children´s floor - maybe she stops to clean promptly...)

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola