Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Two "old women" playing... :)

Yesterday Petra (Oese) came for a short visit and as you can see: WE HAD A LOT FUN ;D

Petra brought Grey, her husband and little Greta with her and so Christine and Hans-Hermann had some nice company, too!

Piff and Paff were so happy Greta played with them!!

Two silly doll´s house addicts together - We could have chat the whole day, but Petra had to leave to soon, because she was on her way to holidays.

I hope we will meet again! So nice to have you here, Petra!

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg 1975 - Part 3.

Today I´ll show you the Lundbom´s bedroom & livingroom - Enjoy!

The beds are from my childhood (they belonged to the Lundbys before they had the "Blue heaven" bedroom.) All furniture, the carpet, the picture and the alarm clock are Lundby - but I think the lamps are from other companies (any information is welcome). The little perfume bottles are made by Bodo Hennig.

Most of the other furniture and accessoires came with the house, accept the (unknown) kitty on the vanity (she is a fleamarket find) and the bedside table lamp, it was in my stash...

I LOVE this "belling deer" paintig - so very cool and kind of retro-stylish :)

The livingroom was exactly furnished this way when I bought it - It shows a big range of items Lundby showed in the 1975 catalogue some of them as "NEW", like the sofa, armchair, the white glass cabinet & table called "Salon Elegance" (# 9518) and i really adore everything!

Only the little (unknown) bird cage, the phone (unknown) and the frog on the fireplace (kinder surprice egg)  and the TV set (Lisa) aren´t Lundby things.

And look the Lundboms have some cute litte puppies, their boxer Perdita just gave birth to two tiny boxer ladies called "Pippa" & Polly"... And the kids love them!

I hope you liked the 3. part of the house tour :) ?? Yours Nicola

Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg 1975 - Part 2.

Today i´ll show you the second part of the Lundbom´s home - But sorry you will see nothing really new, if you know my Gotheburg/Göteburg fronm 1972/73 :) Both houses are to close to each other. Lundby changed the wallpaper during the three years and changed the blank coloured floors into floors with carpet. And they made some new items, but not so many... When I bought the house it included the same kitchen as Mrs. Lundby´s kitchen, decorated with some lovely Hennig & Lundby accessoires and an additional cool kitchen cupboard and i didn´t want to change anything:

Awwwww - i love, love, love the orange-70s-look of this kitchen!

Also the so called "Leksand diningroom" looks like the one in red you allready know... except the green lamp, which sure is not Lundby but I like it!

And like the Lundbys the Lundboms are real swedish people and they also have a Dala horse - Of course!!

Bertil loves to sit on the parlor bench at the evening, just thinking about this and that and to drink a good hot coffee in his special coffee mug!

And even the bathroom looks the same - Yellow with teak panels. But with a lovely mat Amy send to me as a christmas present :) (Thanks again my dear!!)

I hope you nonethe less enjoyed the little house tour?! The part with the bedroom and livingroom will be a bit more rich in variety - promised!

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Lundby collectors meeting in the Netherlands

Last weekend i visited my collector-friend E. in the Netherlands. We know each other via the internet and i don´t live that far away, so it was easy to go there and to admire all her treasures. I´m still impressed by her lovely collection, mostly Lundby and also some other great houses like Lisa or Hanse. It was sooo great to see (and touch :) ) all these tiny things i only knew from catalogues and from the internet. Here is a small range of her collection:

This house is so cute - It looks like a shrunken Lundby Gothenburg :) If anybody knows something about it - every info is welcome! Supplement: I recently discovered this Okwa house (a dutch company) and i guess E.´s house must be an Okwa house, too! Awww - I want one, too!!! :)

Dear E., thank you so much for your guest-friendship and for all the time we spend together! I had so much fun and i´m in love with your collection :)