Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Lundby collectors meeting in the Netherlands

Last weekend i visited my collector-friend E. in the Netherlands. We know each other via the internet and i don´t live that far away, so it was easy to go there and to admire all her treasures. I´m still impressed by her lovely collection, mostly Lundby and also some other great houses like Lisa or Hanse. It was sooo great to see (and touch :) ) all these tiny things i only knew from catalogues and from the internet. Here is a small range of her collection:

This house is so cute - It looks like a shrunken Lundby Gothenburg :) If anybody knows something about it - every info is welcome! Supplement: I recently discovered this Okwa house (a dutch company) and i guess E.´s house must be an Okwa house, too! Awww - I want one, too!!! :)

Dear E., thank you so much for your guest-friendship and for all the time we spend together! I had so much fun and i´m in love with your collection :)



diepuppenstubensammlerin hat gesagt…

Ich liebe Sammlertreffen, schön, dass es das Internet gibt, und Fotos und Blogs und und, aber der Besuch bei einer Sammlerin, ja, Sammler gibt es auch, ist doch ein ganz anderes Erlebnis.

Nicola hat gesagt…

Liebe Pustubsa!

Wie recht du hast! Ich finde Sammler/innen und Sammlungen im realen Leben, "zum Anfassen" auch einfach viel besser & spannender! Aber ohne das Internet hätten E. und ich uns wohl auch nicht kennengelernt.

LG, Nicola

My Realitty hat gesagt…

Oh Nicola, i wish we were closer so I could visit you. Visiting dollhouse mini friends is the best.

No European vacations with a wedding coming up! Seeing your friends collection is next best like travelling with you. C

Nicola hat gesagt…

Dear Carole i would also like to meet you and talk about our hobby on and on... Thanks to internet we can meet virtual!!


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

So nice to meet with fellow collectors! And what a great collection she had too, thanks for sharing!