Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg 1975 - Part 3.

Today I´ll show you the Lundbom´s bedroom & livingroom - Enjoy!

The beds are from my childhood (they belonged to the Lundbys before they had the "Blue heaven" bedroom.) All furniture, the carpet, the picture and the alarm clock are Lundby - but I think the lamps are from other companies (any information is welcome). The little perfume bottles are made by Bodo Hennig.

Most of the other furniture and accessoires came with the house, accept the (unknown) kitty on the vanity (she is a fleamarket find) and the bedside table lamp, it was in my stash...

I LOVE this "belling deer" paintig - so very cool and kind of retro-stylish :)

The livingroom was exactly furnished this way when I bought it - It shows a big range of items Lundby showed in the 1975 catalogue some of them as "NEW", like the sofa, armchair, the white glass cabinet & table called "Salon Elegance" (# 9518) and i really adore everything!

Only the little (unknown) bird cage, the phone (unknown) and the frog on the fireplace (kinder surprice egg)  and the TV set (Lisa) aren´t Lundby things.

And look the Lundboms have some cute litte puppies, their boxer Perdita just gave birth to two tiny boxer ladies called "Pippa" & Polly"... And the kids love them!

I hope you liked the 3. part of the house tour :) ?? Yours Nicola


Maru hat gesagt…

You really have wonderful Lundbys :-) I have just began to collect them, but here in Spain we could not find anything, so we have "to go" to Sweden, Netherland, Germany and so or make ourselves a copy :-)
Best regards.

Nicola hat gesagt…

Dear Maru, thanks for your nice comment! I often buy things st sweden, too :)

I visited your blog and liked how you took the pictures of the Stockholm Villa in your garden - unfortunately it was impossible to leave a comment - The box for the comments wasn´t at its usual place :(


Pubdoll hat gesagt…

Lovely, I especially love the livingroom, everything in there looks so good together, both in colour and style.

Nicola hat gesagt…

Thanks Helene! I was so happy with the style of the living room, too!