Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

All my happy tiny things...

Recently I found myself standing in front of my typecase again - starring on it for hours ;D I really adore all these tiny things! They make me so happy and looking at them makes me kind of relaxed, too!!

A mix of things from the flea market, my granny´s treasure chest, leftovers from my childhood and my children´s childhood...

Tiny things made by these fantastic wood carvers of the "Ore mountains" and stuff from the "kinder" surprice egg...

Do you have a typecase, too - And what´s inside?

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola

Please click on the pictures to enlarge and see more details!!

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg 1975 - Part 4.

Last not least I want to show you the basement floor with the hobby room & the garage. The Lundboms will have to decorate the den a bit more :) - It looks a bit empty so far... What do you mean?

And they have a car - yeah!! I always wanted a car :)

Have a nice week yours (still very busy) Nicola

Credits: All furniture and other things are Lundby except the big red candle and the Cognac bottle (so very 70s!!), they are from Bodo Hennig