Sonntag, 4. September 2011

Hum, what´s up here??

... nothing ;D Sorry, I haven´t been here for so long! Since the end of spring I felt a bit unsatisfied with my blogger-being. I felt a bit under pressure that I have to show more Lundby houses, furniture, more Caco dolls... aso! And if something pressures me it´s no fun anymore. And I also wasn´t in the mood to make more pictures of things you´ve seen before, too. So, what to do? I looked through my pictures to seek something I could show you and that´s what I found:

It´s me in 2004 at the studio at the Käthe Kruse company, where I worked for as a fashion designer for the dolls, surrounded by all the dolls I dressed up.

One things led to another. I felt I have to do more "hobby things" which encourage what I studied and what satisfies me like nothing else: designing & making clothes, making fashion  for dolls :)! I don´ t know how could I forget?!

And so here we are. It´s me making cute doll´s fashion again and also discovering a new and very interesting hobby, too - Asian ball-jointed dolls - BJDs.

Does it mean you will not see any Lundby anymore :O NO, but you will also see more LaTi dolls & dolls fashion here :)

I hope you don´t mind these changes - but that´s me ;D I´ m an Aries and these persons are spontaneous, enthusiastic and always open for new experiences... So, stay tuned it´s going on here :)

Hugs, yours, Nicola

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