Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Petra Wohnhaus, 70er Jahre - The Petra house from the 70s

Recently I found this kind of dollshouse on a fleamarket and because of the nice price it took it with me and wanted to put it into my Dawanda-Shop...

Petra was the german equivalent of the well known Barbie doll. You can deflate the inflatable furnitures and can fold the house up to put all the things together in the flat cardbox. These kind of inflatable play things were very populare in my 70s childhood. Plastic-fantastic and dazzling colours that´s what I grew up with!

But... all the time I looked at it I thought: "It´s to cool to give it away..." Awww - look at these typical 70s details printed at the walls!! I´m sure I´ll make one of these pillows with traffic signs in dollhouse size someday! I´m a kind of hoarder as you surely all know and can´t part from things I like (even if I don´t know why ;D )

And there is one fact you also can´t ignore - it´s way to big for Lundby dolls and I don´t have any Barbie to fit in. (And I´ll never get one!!)

So time past by and the house slept its deep sleep...

until I fell into my BJD-love and ordered the Secretdoll, picture doll, Person 15! She has the perfect size (19 cm) and I guess it will be fun to let her "live" in this house :)

So the moral of this story is: Always keep things which are to cool to give them away ;D

Edit: Unfortunately the Secretdoll Persons are to small... Now I hope that it will be the right size for my incoming Blythe clone & future Blythes ... We will see :)

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola