Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Neuer Schnitt Puppenheft - Doll´s fashion

One of the maaaany doll's fashion magazines of my collection, I really adore!
It shows all the Schildkröt Puppen (turtle mark dolls) I know from my childhood and also the fashion I wore when I was small (in the 60s).

Invitation for the doll´s wedding!!!


Little fashion designer of tomorrow with the small singer for children - It says: I sew all myself for my favourite doll on my Singer sewing machine!

We are the big ones! These big dolls (50 - 60 cm) were very popular in the 60s - I don´t know why??

Schildkröt Schlummerle - My favourite turtle mark doll!

My dolls are celebrating carnival with me!

Besides taking a short glimpse in this lovely vintage doll´s fashion magazine I´m totally involved with taking pictures, writing descriptions, setting items in the shops and also sewing for my two online shops "Püppilottchen" and "RetroPueppi" - less time for hobbies and so all the Lundby houses are covered with dust again and all the BJD dolls are waiting for new clothes...

Have a nice pre-christmas time, yours Nicola

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