Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Bodo Hennig dollhouse furniture and more...

Bodo Hennig Puppenhausmöbel & mehr...

Vielleicht soll ja dieses Jahr ein Puppenhaus bei euch unter dem Weihnachtsbaum stehen und vielleicht sucht ihr ja noch schöne vintage Puppenstubenmöbel dafür? Vielleicht eine süße Bauernküche oder stylische Terrassenmöbel in Bauhausfarben oder einen Wohnzimmerschrank und eine Kommode... Dann schaut doch einfach mal bei meinen Ebay-Auktion.

If you are looking for some sweet vintage doll´s house furniture maybe you find something you like here at my ebay auction!

Es gibt auch ein paar Käthe Kruse Dinge, wie eine Babypuppe (Geschwisterchen), Schnittmuster und Kleidung 

There are also some nice Kaethe Kruse things, like a babydoll, pattern & clothes :)

Greets, yours Nicola

Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

And the winner of the Blythe raffle is...

frogglebu aka Jayne ♥ Congrats my dear!!
I will send your four piece Blythe outfit as soon as possible :)

And also a big "Thank you" to all of you who joined my little SALE-Raffle!

Hugs and a lovely pre-christmas-time, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Give-away & Sale at *Dollily*

Because it´s Christmas soon I decided to start a little Blythe give-away for you.

This is what you can get: 

1. A lovely sleeveless babydoll dress made from light cotton with a sweet vintage rose print 
2. A pair of funny striped long stockings in pink & blue with a bit orange
 3. A one of a kind double-bobble-devil´s-hat made from 100% soft merino wool
4. A cute blue knitted cardi with a fake fur mohair collar closed with a vintage mother of pearl button

All handmade by me *Dollily* for a Blythe doll or dolls with a similar body, like Licca dolls or Icy dolls...

And this is what you have to do to get it:

1. Leave a comment here at my blog (or at this picture at my flickr stream
and tell me why your doll needs this outfit
2. Go to my etsy shop *dollily* and buy one or two or more :) reduced items
(The total amount must be more than 10,- $. I will send all items immediately)

This raffle starts today (Nov 18, 2012, 1 PM, GMT) and will be finished on sunday the 2. December (1. Advent, 12 PM, GMT). I will tell you who was the lucky winner on monday the 3. December. She/He has to contact me then and tell me her/his adress, please.

Don´t miss it and good luck!

Greets, Yours Nicola

Samstag, 1. September 2012

BlytheCon Europe gleanings...

Some of you know I have been to the BlytheCon Europe in Berlin this summer and today I´ll finally show you some pictures of this great event!

My stall with some little Secretdoll Person visitors at the right :)
Parasol Doll

Parasol Doll and also Frollein Suzy taking pics... :)
Lovely display

The lovely display from Tomate cerise, Morganours in a vintage suitcase

Lounging Linda

Lounging Linda, my stall neighbour to the right


MforMonkey, sweet Maria and her lovely creations

Erica Fustero

Erica Fustero with some of her cute custom Blythes

And the rush began...

...some of the visitors just after the doors were opened... hurry, hurry everybody wants to get the best ;D

All donations for the raffle

We also had a raffle but unfortunately I won.... nothing :(


Hilary with her adorable moshimoshi fashion was my neighbour on the same table and it was so great to meet someone who is in that Blythe world for a while longer than me! We had so much fun together :)


A lot of the people brought their lovely dollies with and had a lot fun with chatting and playing ;)

Lovely dollies...

All in all it was a wonderful day for me! So much input, new experiences, lovely flickr friends I met in real and yes of course - so many sweet dolls!!!

The next BlytheCon Europe will be in Barcelone and I really hope I can be there again!!

If you like to see more pics please visit the BlytheCon Europe pool at flickr

Hugs, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

BlytheCon Europe - Berlin

After I had the luck to get a stall at the BlytheCon Europe in Berlin (more Infos her on the BlytheCon Europe homepage) I´m busy with sewing, knitting and crocheting.

We are sisters, aren´ t we?!

Just a few more weeks to go and I hope I´ll finish everything I have on my list!!
All in a row...

Halfmoon-helmets for Blythe all in a row...

Greets, Nicola *busy-busy*

Montag, 9. April 2012

Happy Easter & Frohe Ostern

to all my dear blogger- and toy-collector-friends!!

Happy Easter

Sorry, I haven´t been here for so long... but it was so time consuming to participate the blythe a day march!
31 days with Lola :)

I also had to run my shops (as usual!) and yes, also wanted to spent time with my girls and family... So if you are interested about the dolly things I did recently please check my flickr stream.

Frohe Ostern - happy easter, yours Nicola

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Blythe fashion - Blythe dolls - Blythe Puppen

Some of you already now, I developed a preference for weird looking dolls :) - But you all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

So I added two new dollies to my collection: A Blythe and a so called Blythe clone (Icy) And I love to sew, knit and crochet for them :) Here are my latest own creation for them - A mushroom/fly agaric themed mini-collection and I really had fun to design and make it!

If you want one of these sets or just a hat and some knee highs, just take a look here at my etsy shop *dollily*

And I also decided to take part in Emily´s blytheadaymarch (more infos at her blog: CraftyGirl) So you will see some more pics of my new Blythe "Lola" here and also at my flickr... If you like to :)

Have a nice day, yours Nicola

Montag, 27. Februar 2012

The Lundby Stockholm Villa 1978-1980

Finally I will show you the promised pics of the Lundby Stockholm Villa from 1978-1980

And these are also bye-bye-pics because of some space- and private- reasons I sold the villa some weeks ago! I know the someone who bought it appreciates it very, very much!!

The Lundby Stockholm Villa with the very rar front cover

The balcony and the bedroom - And surprise-surprise, meanwhile all the time Christine & Hans-Herman got married and also had a baby :)

The lovely green bathroom also with the bidet-piece which is also very rar. In the 70s it was common to have bidets in your bathroom in Europe... these days I guess it´s something typical french - I don´t know why, because they are very convenient!

More pics of the bathroom, the corridor and also the wonderful yellow bedroom!

Aw, I really loved that room! I think it´s one of the coolest sets Lundby ever made...

And here they are :) Christine, Hans-Herman, Piff & Paff and also a little nameless girl which was produced in the same period like these others! These kind of Lundby dolls were made like little Barbie dolls and I think the children must have loved the fact, that you could undress them and change the clothes!

Some of the details and things I really liked and kept for me :)

The white salon Christine was very proud of!

The kitchen - most of your sure remember from that story when Hans-Herman visited Christine for the first time and they fell in love ♥ ;D

Lundby accessoires are so nice and well done! I like these tiny pots and also the coffee maker and had to keep these things for the Lundby´s home!!

Here you see Hans-Herman´s former apartment, which developed to a kind of hobby room after the marriage and the babys arrivel. H.-H. loved to play his LPs here and to play with his cars ;) And look they also had a horse!!

Some of you may think: "why did she give this lovely house away after it was completely furnished?!" I think I don´t have to declare myself but I want to :) All my Lundby "addiction" was a nice part of my life for a while, but last autumn I felt a bit overrun by all these houses I collected until that time! Lundby spread all over the house! I felt that my Lundy "playtime" was over and I was no longer interested in the houses after I finished them... so things go :) I liked it, but now I like other things!! ;D

I hope you all liked the little house tour and I really would appreciate it, if you would leave a little comment, yours Nicola

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

*Dollily* fashion for Secretdoll persons

Some more outfits I made for my little etsy shop *Dollily*...

I really enjoy to make these tiny clothes and I´m happy there are other people like me, who collect Secretdoll persons and love my *Dollily* fashion for them :)

I opened also a group for *Dollily* fashion at flickr and it´s so much fun to see other peoples dolls in the clothes I knitted & sewed! Join in if you like!!

I also made prototype for a cool dress with a tie or moustache on it :)
Aaaaaand I also brushed the dust of the Lundby Stockholm Villa... So stay tuned, their will be Lundby 
pictures soon :)


Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Dollily - fashion for dolls

I started into the new year with the opening of another shop: *dollily* on etsy :)

My BJD-love grows and grows and I really enjoy to make clothes for them. And after I made enough for Mila, Romi, (Lati yellow) Enie & Ella (Secretdoll person) I thought it´ll be nice to sell the rest...

I also love to take pictures of my dollies - they are so flexible and cute!!

I´m sure more will come :)

Hugs and a happy new year, yours Nicola