Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Dollily - fashion for dolls

I started into the new year with the opening of another shop: *dollily* on etsy :)

My BJD-love grows and grows and I really enjoy to make clothes for them. And after I made enough for Mila, Romi, (Lati yellow) Enie & Ella (Secretdoll person) I thought it´ll be nice to sell the rest...

I also love to take pictures of my dollies - they are so flexible and cute!!

I´m sure more will come :)

Hugs and a happy new year, yours Nicola


Florine hat gesagt…

These dolls and their clothing are so adorable! I wish I had a granddaughter to buy them for!

Nicola hat gesagt…

Dear Florine

Sorry, I´m so late! Thanks for your compliment! I guess a (future) granddaughter would really love one of them, but they are not meant to be toys for kids (the resin they are made from is breakable and unfortunately they are expensive :( )... They are toys for grownups ;D

Hugs, Nicola