Montag, 27. Februar 2012

The Lundby Stockholm Villa 1978-1980

Finally I will show you the promised pics of the Lundby Stockholm Villa from 1978-1980

And these are also bye-bye-pics because of some space- and private- reasons I sold the villa some weeks ago! I know the someone who bought it appreciates it very, very much!!

The Lundby Stockholm Villa with the very rar front cover

The balcony and the bedroom - And surprise-surprise, meanwhile all the time Christine & Hans-Herman got married and also had a baby :)

The lovely green bathroom also with the bidet-piece which is also very rar. In the 70s it was common to have bidets in your bathroom in Europe... these days I guess it´s something typical french - I don´t know why, because they are very convenient!

More pics of the bathroom, the corridor and also the wonderful yellow bedroom!

Aw, I really loved that room! I think it´s one of the coolest sets Lundby ever made...

And here they are :) Christine, Hans-Herman, Piff & Paff and also a little nameless girl which was produced in the same period like these others! These kind of Lundby dolls were made like little Barbie dolls and I think the children must have loved the fact, that you could undress them and change the clothes!

Some of the details and things I really liked and kept for me :)

The white salon Christine was very proud of!

The kitchen - most of your sure remember from that story when Hans-Herman visited Christine for the first time and they fell in love ♥ ;D

Lundby accessoires are so nice and well done! I like these tiny pots and also the coffee maker and had to keep these things for the Lundby´s home!!

Here you see Hans-Herman´s former apartment, which developed to a kind of hobby room after the marriage and the babys arrivel. H.-H. loved to play his LPs here and to play with his cars ;) And look they also had a horse!!

Some of you may think: "why did she give this lovely house away after it was completely furnished?!" I think I don´t have to declare myself but I want to :) All my Lundby "addiction" was a nice part of my life for a while, but last autumn I felt a bit overrun by all these houses I collected until that time! Lundby spread all over the house! I felt that my Lundy "playtime" was over and I was no longer interested in the houses after I finished them... so things go :) I liked it, but now I like other things!! ;D

I hope you all liked the little house tour and I really would appreciate it, if you would leave a little comment, yours Nicola

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

*Dollily* fashion for Secretdoll persons

Some more outfits I made for my little etsy shop *Dollily*...

I really enjoy to make these tiny clothes and I´m happy there are other people like me, who collect Secretdoll persons and love my *Dollily* fashion for them :)

I opened also a group for *Dollily* fashion at flickr and it´s so much fun to see other peoples dolls in the clothes I knitted & sewed! Join in if you like!!

I also made prototype for a cool dress with a tie or moustache on it :)
Aaaaaand I also brushed the dust of the Lundby Stockholm Villa... So stay tuned, their will be Lundby 
pictures soon :)