Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

*Dollily* fashion for Secretdoll persons

Some more outfits I made for my little etsy shop *Dollily*...

I really enjoy to make these tiny clothes and I´m happy there are other people like me, who collect Secretdoll persons and love my *Dollily* fashion for them :)

I opened also a group for *Dollily* fashion at flickr and it´s so much fun to see other peoples dolls in the clothes I knitted & sewed! Join in if you like!!

I also made prototype for a cool dress with a tie or moustache on it :)
Aaaaaand I also brushed the dust of the Lundby Stockholm Villa... So stay tuned, their will be Lundby 
pictures soon :)



Eliana hat gesagt…

As roupinhas são lindas! Eu adorei! ;)
Die Kleider sind schön! Ich liebte es! ;)

Nicola hat gesagt…

Dear Eliana!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!