Montag, 27. Februar 2012

The Lundby Stockholm Villa 1978-1980

Finally I will show you the promised pics of the Lundby Stockholm Villa from 1978-1980

And these are also bye-bye-pics because of some space- and private- reasons I sold the villa some weeks ago! I know the someone who bought it appreciates it very, very much!!

The Lundby Stockholm Villa with the very rar front cover

The balcony and the bedroom - And surprise-surprise, meanwhile all the time Christine & Hans-Herman got married and also had a baby :)

The lovely green bathroom also with the bidet-piece which is also very rar. In the 70s it was common to have bidets in your bathroom in Europe... these days I guess it´s something typical french - I don´t know why, because they are very convenient!

More pics of the bathroom, the corridor and also the wonderful yellow bedroom!

Aw, I really loved that room! I think it´s one of the coolest sets Lundby ever made...

And here they are :) Christine, Hans-Herman, Piff & Paff and also a little nameless girl which was produced in the same period like these others! These kind of Lundby dolls were made like little Barbie dolls and I think the children must have loved the fact, that you could undress them and change the clothes!

Some of the details and things I really liked and kept for me :)

The white salon Christine was very proud of!

The kitchen - most of your sure remember from that story when Hans-Herman visited Christine for the first time and they fell in love ♥ ;D

Lundby accessoires are so nice and well done! I like these tiny pots and also the coffee maker and had to keep these things for the Lundby´s home!!

Here you see Hans-Herman´s former apartment, which developed to a kind of hobby room after the marriage and the babys arrivel. H.-H. loved to play his LPs here and to play with his cars ;) And look they also had a horse!!

Some of you may think: "why did she give this lovely house away after it was completely furnished?!" I think I don´t have to declare myself but I want to :) All my Lundby "addiction" was a nice part of my life for a while, but last autumn I felt a bit overrun by all these houses I collected until that time! Lundby spread all over the house! I felt that my Lundy "playtime" was over and I was no longer interested in the houses after I finished them... so things go :) I liked it, but now I like other things!! ;D

I hope you all liked the little house tour and I really would appreciate it, if you would leave a little comment, yours Nicola


Oese hat gesagt…

Ich werde das Haus in guter Erinnerung behalten, weil meine Leute doch dort zu Besuch waren. Es ist wirklich sehr schön eingerichtet und ein Schatz. Aber ich verstehe, dass Du Dich davon trennst. "Nur" sammeln und hinstellen wäre für mich auch nur etwas auf Zeit. Meine Sachen sind in Schubladen verstaut und ich kann sie zum Spielen rausholen, wenn mir danach zumute ist.
Nun Du hast ja nun Deine kleinen Lieblinge - und ich hoffe Du bist nicht böse, wenn ich sie und die tollen Sachen, die Du für sie zauberst, nicht so oft kommentiere. Mit Puppen kann ich nicht so viel anfangen. Es gibt immer mal Ausnahmen, aber meistens mag ich die Gesichter nicht so und die Augen sind halt starr. Naja, so hat jeder seine Vorlieben. Ich freue mich jedenfalls, dass Du soviel Spaß damit hast.
Alles Liebe

Keris1002 hat gesagt…

Ich verfolge deinen Blog erst seit Kurzem und finde es bewundernswert. Es ist schade, sich von Dingen zu trennen, die man einst gesammelt, gehegt und gepflegt hat.
Ich kenne das, da es mir oft genauso ging.
Lieben Gruß
Keris1002 (Heidi)

Nicola hat gesagt…

Liebe Petra!

Das freut mich, dass du das Haus auch in guter Erinnerung behalten wirst :) Und du hast so recht - nur sammeln und hinstellen ist es auf die Dauer eben nicht, vor allem wenn man so wenig Platz hat wie wir hier! Und ich bin nie-nicht böse über garnichts ;D Ich weiß meine neuen Puppen sind teils sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig und nicht Jederfraus Sache. Aber ich denke wir habe trotzdem noch genug Gesprächsstoff :)

GglG, Nicola

Nicola hat gesagt…

Hallo, Heidi

Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Ich sehe das alles nicht so wehmütig, denn letztendlich war/ist es nur ein Spielzeug und klar gehegt und gepflegt, aber letztendlich lange genug auch ein unbeachteter GROßER Staubfänger :D Und wenn du selber auch ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht hast, dann weißt du ja, dass jeder Abschied ja auch einen Neuanfang beinhaltet... Weise Worte ;D

LG, Nicola

Florine hat gesagt…

Such a lovely house...and not too easy to let go of, I'm sure. But there comes a time when we let go of some of the things we treasure. With my sister's passing last May, my views on what was really a treasure to me have changed...I'm sure you must have had the same feelings.
Thanks for sharing this little house that helped give us many fun stories! Curious...did Christine, Hans-Herman, Piff and Paff move with their house to the new owner! Hugs to you, Florine

katyscluttr hat gesagt…

I'm sorry to see your house go and when I started to add to my childhood collection your house was part of my inspiration :) But I know what you mean about being taken over. Have good fun with your new stuff :)

Nicola hat gesagt…

Dear Florine

I´m so sad for you and I think we both know how it feels...

I´m not sad to let the house go, we had a great time together and now someone else is happy with it... But Christine, Hans-Hermann, Piff & Paff are still here :) They belong to the Lund-families and I think I would have missed them to much!!

Hugs and happy easter, Nicola

Nicola hat gesagt…

Dear Katy

I´m so proud I/The Stockholm Villa was an inspiration for you!! And yes, I´m happy with the toys I "play" with now - we will see what else the future will bring :)

Hugs, Nicola

Bucky hat gesagt…

OMG! That Lundby is so awesome! I have been thinking of getting one myself. The problems are that i) rarely there is any for sale in Finland at least, ii) if I find one, probably cannot afford it :) and iii) no space in my appartment for any houses atm. Just have to wait for dreams come true. :)

I haven´t been dollhouse-blogging for a while as I have been so busy with uni. Now finally graduated and can concentrate on important things like dollhouses again. :) I have a new blog in blogger now, its in finnish tho...

Have a nice summer! :)