Samstag, 1. September 2012

BlytheCon Europe gleanings...

Some of you know I have been to the BlytheCon Europe in Berlin this summer and today I´ll finally show you some pictures of this great event!

My stall with some little Secretdoll Person visitors at the right :)
Parasol Doll

Parasol Doll and also Frollein Suzy taking pics... :)
Lovely display

The lovely display from Tomate cerise, Morganours in a vintage suitcase

Lounging Linda

Lounging Linda, my stall neighbour to the right


MforMonkey, sweet Maria and her lovely creations

Erica Fustero

Erica Fustero with some of her cute custom Blythes

And the rush began...

...some of the visitors just after the doors were opened... hurry, hurry everybody wants to get the best ;D

All donations for the raffle

We also had a raffle but unfortunately I won.... nothing :(


Hilary with her adorable moshimoshi fashion was my neighbour on the same table and it was so great to meet someone who is in that Blythe world for a while longer than me! We had so much fun together :)


A lot of the people brought their lovely dollies with and had a lot fun with chatting and playing ;)

Lovely dollies...

All in all it was a wonderful day for me! So much input, new experiences, lovely flickr friends I met in real and yes of course - so many sweet dolls!!!

The next BlytheCon Europe will be in Barcelone and I really hope I can be there again!!

If you like to see more pics please visit the BlytheCon Europe pool at flickr

Hugs, yours Nicola


Yukari hat gesagt…

Aaah, ich wünschte, ich hätt´kommen können, aber Berlin ist zu weit weg...

Nicola hat gesagt…

Ja, das hätte sich wirklich gelohnt! Vllt. nächstes Mal :)

LG, Nicola

warhammer space marine hat gesagt…

I have a lot of collection of barbie and this makes my day complete. When I saw this blog I think I found her best friend. This dolls are also lovely and I want to include this on my collection.

Maiki hat gesagt…

Tolle Fotos.....hätteich das mal vorher gewusst...schaade!!

Sag mal ...könntest du mir ein Tipp geben wo ich in Berlin...bzw. wo du deine Blythepuppen gekauft hast?!? Ich hätte sooo gerne eine!

LG und schönen Sonntag