Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Give-away & Sale at *Dollily*

Because it´s Christmas soon I decided to start a little Blythe give-away for you.

This is what you can get: 

1. A lovely sleeveless babydoll dress made from light cotton with a sweet vintage rose print 
2. A pair of funny striped long stockings in pink & blue with a bit orange
 3. A one of a kind double-bobble-devil´s-hat made from 100% soft merino wool
4. A cute blue knitted cardi with a fake fur mohair collar closed with a vintage mother of pearl button

All handmade by me *Dollily* for a Blythe doll or dolls with a similar body, like Licca dolls or Icy dolls...

And this is what you have to do to get it:

1. Leave a comment here at my blog (or at this picture at my flickr stream
and tell me why your doll needs this outfit
2. Go to my etsy shop *dollily* and buy one or two or more :) reduced items
(The total amount must be more than 10,- $. I will send all items immediately)

This raffle starts today (Nov 18, 2012, 1 PM, GMT) and will be finished on sunday the 2. December (1. Advent, 12 PM, GMT). I will tell you who was the lucky winner on monday the 3. December. She/He has to contact me then and tell me her/his adress, please.

Don´t miss it and good luck!

Greets, Yours Nicola