Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Give-away & Sale at *Dollily*

Because it´s Christmas soon I decided to start a little Blythe give-away for you.

This is what you can get: 

1. A lovely sleeveless babydoll dress made from light cotton with a sweet vintage rose print 
2. A pair of funny striped long stockings in pink & blue with a bit orange
 3. A one of a kind double-bobble-devil´s-hat made from 100% soft merino wool
4. A cute blue knitted cardi with a fake fur mohair collar closed with a vintage mother of pearl button

All handmade by me *Dollily* for a Blythe doll or dolls with a similar body, like Licca dolls or Icy dolls...

And this is what you have to do to get it:

1. Leave a comment here at my blog (or at this picture at my flickr stream
and tell me why your doll needs this outfit
2. Go to my etsy shop *dollily* and buy one or two or more :) reduced items
(The total amount must be more than 10,- $. I will send all items immediately)

This raffle starts today (Nov 18, 2012, 1 PM, GMT) and will be finished on sunday the 2. December (1. Advent, 12 PM, GMT). I will tell you who was the lucky winner on monday the 3. December. She/He has to contact me then and tell me her/his adress, please.

Don´t miss it and good luck!

Greets, Yours Nicola


Simlian/Kewty-pie hat gesagt…

I sooooo need to win the Awesome Blythe Outfit set as I just got two wonderful Dollily outfits for my Secret Girls and now my Blythes are unhappy!!! This Wonderful Giveaway outfir set will be the perfect give to cheer my Blythes up!! Yay!!!

Gabriella hat gesagt…

I want this outfit .... it's perfect for my romantic Chloé.
Love the fabric choice and the socks .... wonderful!!!!

angelique hat gesagt…

I think this is the cutest ensemble and would go just fabulously in my sons christmas stocking. He loves his Blythe dolls and he loves new outfits too.
Thanks for the chance to win a little giveaway:)