Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Christine & Hans-Herman...

are moving :) I don´t know if you remember how it all began? Here you can read how they met and thanks to my dear Blogger-friend Florine they will stay together as a couple and will live and work in Texas soon!

So they packed all their things and now they are waiting excited for the flight (in a comfy envelope) and for the new adventures they expect!

Bye-bye and see you soon at Florine´s lovely blog: My Vintage Dollhouses!

Yours, Nicola

Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Another Lundby farewell...

Last but not least I ´m parting with my Lundby Gothenburg from 1970 and all the nice funiture and accessories... So it´s time to say Bye-bye to Greta & Konrad...

and Christine & Hans-Hermann! I really had a nice time with you but now someone else will be happy to play with you ;)

If you like to adopt them or some furniture or maybe the house please follow this link :) Thank you!

And if you like to see more pictures of this fabulous 1970 Lundby Göteborg/Gothenburg please visit my flickr stream!

Happy Saint Nicholas´ day, yours Nicola

Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

The Lundby Gothenburg - Göteburg...

the last time. The home of the Lundbys is completely furnished since a long time and so I wanted to make a last post to show this lovely house and its inhabitants:

The Lundby Gothenburg/Göteborg

Lundby Schlafzimmer - bed room

Lundby living room - Wohnzimmer

In the Lundby kitchen

The so called red Leksand

The bathroom...

Extra storey of my 70s Lundby Gothenburg


Left room of the extra storey...

I really had a lot fun with this house and also with my Lundby family, but now the time has come to say adieu and make other people happy :) If you are interested check my *bay!

There are a few more nice pictures of this fanatstic Gothenburg at my flickr - Enjoy!

Hugs, yours Nicola

Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

It´s christmas soon...

and Dollily proudly presents another limited edition for Blythe dolls 

The set includes the pinafore dress, made from high quality cotton patchwork fabric with golden ornaments and a red longsleeved shirt with a classy rickrack at the neckline, sleeves and hem.The shirt is closed with velcro and the dress is closed with a little PRYM snap. (Includes no doll, hat, stockings or shoes).

Availabel now here: Dollily 

I hope you like it?! Yours, Nicola

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Blythe Halfmoon helmets, Lati yellow...

Secretdoll Person fashion and more...

50% off on all items at my etsy shop Dollily... 
Like for example those cute OOAK half moon helmets shown above... 

Don´t miss it :)

Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

Bodo Hennig & Ikea Lillabo

A sweet combination for Lati yellow, Secretdoll Persons and also Middie Blythe... Here you can see them in the house having a nice sunday :)

at my flickr album "Dolly living"

Bodo Hennig & Ikea Lillabo dollhouse furniture

You like it? Fine :) I own the house and furniture for a while now and the dolls and I really played a lot with all the cute things!
So it´s time again to say "Good bye" and make room for other toys...

If you are interested please check my *bay for all the toys!
All sold - Thank you!!

Greets, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Children´s toy shop - Kaufmannsladen - Tante Emma Laden

Recently I found these two lovely 50s - 60s children´s toy shops at a fleamarket and made some picture because all these little things inside are so lovely and remind me on my own childhood :) Enjoy:

And if you think you need one of them for you or for your child for christmas (just a few weeks until christmas, really!) you find them here :)

Hum, and yes if you know something more about these cute toy shops, let me know! All informations are wekcome!!

Greets, yours Nicola

Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

Käthe Kruse Puppe eins - Doll one

Doll one/ doll I (Puppe eins/Puppe I in german) is still my absolutely favourite Käthe Kruse doll ever :) I love her sweet, sweet face (some of the older ones look so cute-grumpy!) and also her chubby and soft body made of fabric ( like her head!)...

My sweet little Felix waiting for clothes...

So recently when I started to write my Portfolio at my Püppilottchen page (some of you know I´m looking for a designer job) I started to sort all my Käthe Kruse pictures and sketches, because there also is a K. Kruse unit and it needed pictures!

When I wrote my letter of application to the company in 2003, I made a little collection for Doll I with replicas of the sweet antique clothes which are shown in Käthe Kruse´s very first catalogue from 1913. Unfortunately the photos I once made were not digital and so I decided to make new pics with FelixHere you can see him in his Felix outfit.

They also had a Fritz in a nice blue apron in the catalogue

And lovely Margretchen in warm winter clothes (made from vintage fabric)

Felix also had to be the little red riding hood (Rotkäppchen) and he did a good job :)

And here we find him dressed as Peter with cute little mittens

I had so much fun to dress him and take the pictures and one real good thing happened: I came back to the dolls I really love the most since I´m a child: Käthe Kruse dolls! 

Yes, I also like the Latis, Persons and Blythes... but none or them will ever reach my love for Kruse dolls

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola aka Püppilottchen aka Dollily ;D

Die hier verwendeten Markennamen/Marken dienen lediglich der Beschreibung der gezeigten Puppen, Puppenhäuser und anderen Dinge. Die Rechte sämtlicher in meinen Beiträgen erwähnte Namen von Marken, Waren oder Informationsanbietern bleiben bei ihren Eigentümern und werden ohne Gewährleistung der freien Verfügbarkeit wiedergegeben. Die Namen sind entweder eingetragene Warenzeichen oder sollten als solche betrachtet werden. 

The here called brand names are protected and are only used because they are part of the product features and quality.

Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

The story about my “fake ET-helmet”

Just to explain and avoid trouble in the Blythe world!

Recently I made a swap with a kind of weird Lady from the USA. She told me her name was Janet Smith but after all I think that wasn't the truth! She wanted one of my vintage hanky baby doll dresses for Blythe and promised me one of Ruth's lovely EuroTrash kitty helmets for it. She sent me a pic of it and on the pic it really looked original! So I couldn't resist, because I adore Ruth's helmets and I thought this is my chance...

I send my dress to her and at the same time the helmet arrived… And yes, I think it must have been a fake! The embroidery really looked like on the well known ET helmets, but it had no label and the shape was somehow different and to big for a Blythe head. And what really made me sad, it had two moth holes at the back, she didn't mention! I was so upset! I wrote her an email, but as you can maybe imagine, she never wrote back! So what to do? As some of you maybe know I am a crafter & studied fashion design, and during my studies I really knit-felted a lot, because it was very popular at that time. I was so unhappy with that fake helmet, that I pulled down all the embellishment & pearls and threw the rest into the dustbin! After that I went through my stash, found some lovely wool that was great for felting and made a try on my own knit-felted helmets. And to my surprise they came out very nicely. After that I embroidered one with the stuff from the fake helmet and with some things from my own collection… and now I own a helmet that looks like an ET-helmet and I am really in a quandary! I never planned to copy Ruth's work because I really hate copy cats without own ideas, but I did it somehow!

After all I had to tell Ruth the whole story and fortunately she is not angry with me! I could show this "fake ET-helmet" and the other future helmets, which are WIPs so far! I never ever will sell them, I just make them for my own (and the dollies) joy and use.

Thank you so much Ruth!

And if you ever get an email from, with the offer for a swap/trade – Don't trust her! She will maybe fool you, like she fooled me!

Greets, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Sweet little vintage hanky babydoll dresses for Blythe

My granny gave a lot of sweet children´s handkerchiefs to me when I was a child and I kept them all the time because I really like the vintage 60s and 70s figures on them. I always thought someday I will know what to do with them...


And then it happend :) The size is perfect to sew little Blythe dresses thereof!

Vintage hanky baby doll dress...

Vintage hanky babydoll dresses...

...with tiny puffy sleeves and embellished with lovely vintage ribbons and braids... Aw, I really love them and it´s so much fun to design and sew them!

Stulpe was...

You can be sure more will follow and if you want one of these individual items for your Blythe doll, don´t hesitate to visit my little etsy corner *Dollily* - Thank you!

Hugs, Nicola

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Lundby, Jean, Käthe Kruse... vintage toys...

I made another clean out in my toy boxes and found a lot nice treasures which are not any longer at ebay:..

Thanks a lot !! :) Great deals!

Lundby dollhouse dolls from the 70s, nice vintage cars, the Lundby bike, a sweet caco baby, Polly Pocket things which go nice together with Lundby or other 1 :18 sized dollhouses, a very shabby chic little vanity/washstand in perfect size for Käthe Kruse Däumlinchen dolls and much more...

Greets, yours Nicola

Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Double bobble devil´s helmets for Blythe dolls

I made some more double bobble devil´s helmets for my
*dollily* etsy shop:

Maybe your Blythe or Icy doll would like to look like a cute little pompom devil?!

Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Caco, Lundby and Bodo Hennig

I made a clear out at my doll house closet lately (needed more space for the Blythe clothes and deco ;D) and so there are a few more lovely Caco dollhouse dolls, Lundby furniture and a tiny collection of Hennig dishes at ebay!

Don´t miss it :) Thank you!

It was not easy to let these cute little Caco dolls go, because I really adore this small size (adults are 9,5 and children 6 cm). They are the perfect matching size to Lundy, Hanse and Barton dollhouses, but I had so many and so I just kept the ones living in my two left Lundby houses - I think that´s enough :)

Greets, yours Nicola

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Blythe outfit - Limited Edition „Boo“

I proudly present my “Boo” outfit for Blythe dolls or other similar dolls like Icy - all designed and sewn by *Dollily*.

This cute set includes the pinafore dress with lovely checked straps, made from one of my favourite cotton “ghost fabrics” designed by a well known dutch designer and a raglan shirt made from pink high quality “Hilco” jersey with red dots. The shirt is closed with a velcro and the dress is closed with a little PRYM snap.

This is a pre-order for just three sets because there is just a little piece of the fabric left. (Please order only one item per person!) Both items are made with love and great care! We live in a non-smoker and pet-free home.

You will find the pre-order items here at my *Dollily* etsy shop!

Thanks a lot for your interest! Hugs, Nicola aka Dollily

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

A little snow story

Me: "Ella what are you doing?"
Ella: "I´ m building a snowman!"

Me: "Hum, yes really... but why is Romi sitting there in the snow?!"
Ella: "Dimwit, you! She IS the snowman! 

Romi: Giant, please get me out here! I´m no snowman I´m already an icicle!

Me: "Yes, honey come in and have a hot chocolate!"
Ella: "And me...? 

Meanwhile I made the hot chocolate for them they dried on the heating - In peace and quiet, side by side... But nobody knows how long!

Hope you enjoyed the little story?

Hugs, Nicola