Montag, 21. Januar 2013

A little snow story

Me: "Ella what are you doing?"
Ella: "I´ m building a snowman!"

Me: "Hum, yes really... but why is Romi sitting there in the snow?!"
Ella: "Dimwit, you! She IS the snowman! 

Romi: Giant, please get me out here! I´m no snowman I´m already an icicle!

Me: "Yes, honey come in and have a hot chocolate!"
Ella: "And me...? 

Meanwhile I made the hot chocolate for them they dried on the heating - In peace and quiet, side by side... But nobody knows how long!

Hope you enjoyed the little story?

Hugs, Nicola


Lilsdolls hat gesagt…

I enjoyed this little story. The dolls are so cute.
Greetings from Lil in Sweden

Yukari hat gesagt…

So süß, die beiden!

DollMum hat gesagt…

Romi's expression is priceless, she looks chilled to the bone. Glad they got some hot chocolate, very necessary after a snow day

Nicola Schenk hat gesagt…

Thank you & Danke ♥ Lilsdolls, Yukari & DollMum!

I´m happy you liked it :)


Florine hat gesagt…

Your dolls are so adorable! and here I am without a granddaughter to buy dolls for!