Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Caco, Lundby and Bodo Hennig

I made a clear out at my doll house closet lately (needed more space for the Blythe clothes and deco ;D) and so there are a few more lovely Caco dollhouse dolls, Lundby furniture and a tiny collection of Hennig dishes at ebay!

Don´t miss it :) Thank you!

It was not easy to let these cute little Caco dolls go, because I really adore this small size (adults are 9,5 and children 6 cm). They are the perfect matching size to Lundy, Hanse and Barton dollhouses, but I had so many and so I just kept the ones living in my two left Lundby houses - I think that´s enough :)

Greets, yours Nicola

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Blythe outfit - Limited Edition „Boo“

I proudly present my “Boo” outfit for Blythe dolls or other similar dolls like Icy - all designed and sewn by *Dollily*.

This cute set includes the pinafore dress with lovely checked straps, made from one of my favourite cotton “ghost fabrics” designed by a well known dutch designer and a raglan shirt made from pink high quality “Hilco” jersey with red dots. The shirt is closed with a velcro and the dress is closed with a little PRYM snap.

This is a pre-order for just three sets because there is just a little piece of the fabric left. (Please order only one item per person!) Both items are made with love and great care! We live in a non-smoker and pet-free home.

You will find the pre-order items here at my *Dollily* etsy shop!

Thanks a lot for your interest! Hugs, Nicola aka Dollily