Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

The story about my “fake ET-helmet”

Just to explain and avoid trouble in the Blythe world!

Recently I made a swap with a kind of weird Lady from the USA. She told me her name was Janet Smith but after all I think that wasn't the truth! She wanted one of my vintage hanky baby doll dresses for Blythe and promised me one of Ruth's lovely EuroTrash kitty helmets for it. She sent me a pic of it and on the pic it really looked original! So I couldn't resist, because I adore Ruth's helmets and I thought this is my chance...

I send my dress to her and at the same time the helmet arrived… And yes, I think it must have been a fake! The embroidery really looked like on the well known ET helmets, but it had no label and the shape was somehow different and to big for a Blythe head. And what really made me sad, it had two moth holes at the back, she didn't mention! I was so upset! I wrote her an email, but as you can maybe imagine, she never wrote back! So what to do? As some of you maybe know I am a crafter & studied fashion design, and during my studies I really knit-felted a lot, because it was very popular at that time. I was so unhappy with that fake helmet, that I pulled down all the embellishment & pearls and threw the rest into the dustbin! After that I went through my stash, found some lovely wool that was great for felting and made a try on my own knit-felted helmets. And to my surprise they came out very nicely. After that I embroidered one with the stuff from the fake helmet and with some things from my own collection… and now I own a helmet that looks like an ET-helmet and I am really in a quandary! I never planned to copy Ruth's work because I really hate copy cats without own ideas, but I did it somehow!

After all I had to tell Ruth the whole story and fortunately she is not angry with me! I could show this "fake ET-helmet" and the other future helmets, which are WIPs so far! I never ever will sell them, I just make them for my own (and the dollies) joy and use.

Thank you so much Ruth!

And if you ever get an email from, with the offer for a swap/trade – Don't trust her! She will maybe fool you, like she fooled me!

Greets, yours Nicola


Lil hat gesagt…

Sorry to hear that you ran into fraud. It is never fun. ♥
Miserable that she did not even answer when you wrote to her.

I think your own helmet is amazingly nice. It's great that you could make one yourself. I'm impressed by how you solved the problem.

Hugs Lil on Lilsdolls

Nicola Schenk hat gesagt…

Dear Lil thank you so much for your nice words - Yes, I really felt fooled, but after all it had a good end for me :)