Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

Käthe Kruse Puppe eins - Doll one

Doll one/ doll I (Puppe eins/Puppe I in german) is still my absolutely favourite Käthe Kruse doll ever :) I love her sweet, sweet face (some of the older ones look so cute-grumpy!) and also her chubby and soft body made of fabric ( like her head!)...

My sweet little Felix waiting for clothes...

So recently when I started to write my Portfolio at my Püppilottchen page (some of you know I´m looking for a designer job) I started to sort all my Käthe Kruse pictures and sketches, because there also is a K. Kruse unit and it needed pictures!

When I wrote my letter of application to the company in 2003, I made a little collection for Doll I with replicas of the sweet antique clothes which are shown in Käthe Kruse´s very first catalogue from 1913. Unfortunately the photos I once made were not digital and so I decided to make new pics with FelixHere you can see him in his Felix outfit.

They also had a Fritz in a nice blue apron in the catalogue

And lovely Margretchen in warm winter clothes (made from vintage fabric)

Felix also had to be the little red riding hood (Rotkäppchen) and he did a good job :)

And here we find him dressed as Peter with cute little mittens

I had so much fun to dress him and take the pictures and one real good thing happened: I came back to the dolls I really love the most since I´m a child: Käthe Kruse dolls! 

Yes, I also like the Latis, Persons and Blythes... but none or them will ever reach my love for Kruse dolls

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola aka Püppilottchen aka Dollily ;D

Die hier verwendeten Markennamen/Marken dienen lediglich der Beschreibung der gezeigten Puppen, Puppenhäuser und anderen Dinge. Die Rechte sämtlicher in meinen Beiträgen erwähnte Namen von Marken, Waren oder Informationsanbietern bleiben bei ihren Eigentümern und werden ohne Gewährleistung der freien Verfügbarkeit wiedergegeben. Die Namen sind entweder eingetragene Warenzeichen oder sollten als solche betrachtet werden. 

The here called brand names are protected and are only used because they are part of the product features and quality.

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