Samstag, 15. November 2014

Noemi - Dollily custom No. 8

My latest custom Noemi:

Noemi is looking for a new Mummy

FA is my OOAK Blythe custom. (Dollily custom No. 8) made by me Her base doll was a Fruit Punch in perfect condition. Her face mold is EBL and I think she has a kind of cheeky but shy & sweet personality. It´s really hard to part with her! She is made with great love and care.

Work I have done:
- Face plate sanded
- Carved lips, nostrils and philtrum and re-shaped nose
- Eyes boggled, gaze corrected and sleep-eyes
- She still owns her lovely EBL eyelashes and three of her original eyechips (orange, green and blue). One pair of eyechips was changed with Cool cat eyechips in beautiful dark blue
- Her eyemech works smooth with all her original eyechips, but it needs a little help with the new pair of eyechips – just a little push with your fingers
- Complete new face up with artist pastels and sealed with MSC matte
- Handmade new pullstrings in neon green with some sweet pearls and her original pullring on the other string
- Cut and corrected her fringe and bob

She comes with her original Blythe body and I will send her with one of my selfmade Dollily dresses. She will travel in her original Blythe box wrapped safely! 

Shipping costs DHL parcel (insured):
Germany: 6 € 
Member countries of the EU: 15 €
Insured shipping to the USA and the most other worldwide countries: 34 € 

I can ship her uninsured (on your own risk!!) This will be 6,- € world wide. 

Please ask for shipping costs or anything else, if you are not sure. Thank you! 

I’m asking $ 345,- or 275,- € (payment Paypal, I will accept bank transfer in Germany or other EU countries). No layaway, please only serious buyers! SOLD - Thank you :)

More picture of her in my flickr album:

Happy weekend, yours Nicola

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Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Kaja - Dollily Blythe custom No. 7

Recently I had a request for a custom by one of my flickr friends and it really was a great joy to me to customize little Kaja for her:

She is a Simply Thumpty Thump with the cute Blythe FBL mold

Work I have done:
- Face plate sanded

- Carved lips, nostrils and philtrum and re-shaped nose

- Complete new face up with artist pastels and sealed with MSC matte

- Changed three of her original eye chips with eye chips from "Art Amilia"
- New realistic eyelashes were applied
- New pullstrings in neon pink
- Cut and corrected her hair cut into a cute bob

You will find more pics of Kaja (and other customs I made so far) in my flickr group: Dollily custom dolls
And if you are interested in my custom work please contact me - ( :at: = @ )

Yours Nicola

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Dollily - Blythe fashion & customs

The last two months I was really busy with Blythe :) 
I finished three customs (one of them an Icy doll - Blythe clone):

Mischa and her alter ego



Made a design for a sweet knitted dress with striped sleeves...

Ingredients for my doll designs

Dolls looking cute ♥

And sewed also some cute babydoll dresses from an awesome vintage 60s fabric I had in my stash. Wanted to do this for long... Yes, and also crocheted some Blythe bear helmets!

Blythe babydoll dresses

One finished, two for tomorrow...

I'm pretty happy with the outcome! Next project I'm working on is a complete outfit with a "the little red riding hood" -theme... But more about this later ;)

A few of the things shown here are available in my little etsy shop: Dollily fashion for Blythe - Some already sold, sorry!

Hugs, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Lupine dresses

My new Dollily design for Blythe -  The Lupine dress: 

Revamped the...

Now available at my little Etsy shop *Dollily*

Hugs, yours Nicola