Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

After a summer break...

I carried on with the clean out in my little blue house and found a lot treasures which are now on ebay for you to grab - You can get them HERE

You will find lots of nice magazines (BURDA Puppenmode, Beyers, MEZ, Schürer, Schwanenpost) and intructions to sew, crochet and knit lovely things for Schildkröt, Kathe (Käthe) Kruse, Barbie and antique dolls. Don't miss my auctions!

It's really not easy to part from all these treasures I collected for a long time, but I plan to move and I am sure there will not be enough space for all the lovely things...

Hugs, yours Nicola

Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

Blythe matryoshka carrier bags

One of the things I really loved to design and still love to sew, are my so called "matryoshka carrier bags" for Blythe dolls:

Dollily matryoshka bags

They are closed with a zipper, they have a soft stuffing to give the bag more shape and are lined with a nice plain fabric matching the rest of the pouch.

Sorry, Andrea but this is not your Sleepingsack... Someone feeling cozy ;)

All sacks are equipped with a face cover flap (in the colour of the headscarf) to protect your doll's face during the transport.

Feelin' cozy...

More pictures of the bags and the designs here in my flickt album. And if you want to order your own matryoshka Blythe pouche, please visit my etsy shop.

Have a nice weekend yours Nicola

Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

Big clean out in my little blue house

I am downsizing my toy-collection again and so you will find some cute things on the *bay

This lovely antique carousel with the cute little Schildkröt doll is just one of it...
Please take a look here: RetroPueppi's ebay

International bidders please ask for shipping costs - I would change them for you!

Greets, yours Nicola