Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Out and about with dolls in Berlin

Berlin is one of the greenest cities I know, surrounded by parks, lakes and forests. I really love to be in nature and love to walk by the water. And yes, I also like to take a doll with me and take photos:

Recently I have been to the Halbinsel Werder (next to Berlin, near to Potsdam) with my girls and took Nele with me - Isn't she awesome?!

Another weekend I went to the Tegeler See (Lake Tegel) with my youngest daughter Cosima. She was more interested in the view as in the doll (as always) ;)
This time I took Imina, my lovely stock Phoebe Maybe with me who was a nice model together with the greenery - Her wonderful red hair matches the leaves so great!

Anothere nice place for a walk is: Volkspark Rehberge in Wedding. This time I took my new addition to the Blythe_Berlin doll family with me: A sweet vintage Susie sad eyes. She is such a funny and kinda weird doll, and has the right size to put her in my purse to take some quick pics with my smart phone! 

Where do you take your dolls when you want to take pictures in nature?

Have a nice weekend and a lovely 2. Advent - Yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Blythe Con Hamburg September 2016

Long time no see again... I am very sorry but I had some busy and rough times at work and also discovered my love for knittig garment and stuff again, so there was less time for my doll hobby the last months!

But I have also been to Blythe Con Europe in Hamburg in September and I wanted to show you some pictures. This was from the preemeet on Friday with my dear dolly friends Desi, Maiki and Co :)

It was such a pleasure to meet them and spend two days of dolly fun with them!!

Next day we met again at a cool location called: "Elbarkaden Lounge"
There were so many nice stalls, like HANON on the right and MOMOLITA on the left where I bought one of her awesome jackets

I also met my dear dolly friend Gritt from Miema dollhouse and her sweet doggy Coco again. And I purchased one of her cute dresses with a felted toy in the pocket 

Also met sweet Gema from dollymix again (sorry for the blurry pic!)

I discovered this new to me vendor: Lille Princesse, where I found an adorable sweater and skirt. There were so many more and I really spoiled my dollies ;) Here is all I bought, things which were in the goody bag and I also won at the raffle (except Jette...):

It really was a wonderful time and if you are interested in more pictures please look at my album at my flickr account

Have a nice time, yours Nicola aka Blythe-Berlin

Freitag, 22. April 2016

Playful Raindrops

There will be a new Blythe doll in the house!

It's really been a while since I got my last Blythe. It's been in April 2015 when River arrived and since then I focused more on new (designer) clothes for the Dollily doll family...


But when I saw this promo pic of "Playful Raindrops above", I was excited and wanted a new Blythe after a long time of releases I found boring and unappealing.

I love the outfit - The dress and her cute raincoat, the sweet hairbow, her boots...
The only thing I am not sure about is the hair colour! They wrote that it will be honey blonde and I pre-ordered her at so I had no idea of the real colour.

On some pics it looks like yellow and on some like a kind of orange... I hope it will be more yellow-ish in the reality! But one thing is sure it is no honey blonde ;)
Anyway I am looking forward to the new member of the Dollily doll family and hope she will arrive soon.

What do you think about this new release?

All pics are not mine and the rights will stay with their owners!

Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Indigo discovers Prenzlauer Berg

My latest attempt to connect Blythe and Berlin led Indigo and me to a nice part of 
Prenzlauer Berg around the Kollwitzplatz/Kollwitzplace, the so called Kollwitzkiez.

This quarter is known for lots of families and nice shops. If you want to be hip & cool, you also raise some kids and your income is high enough, you have to move to this part of Berlin ;) 
Indigo wanted to play with the kids on the playground but I wasn't sure if she would survive!


We really liked these simple doll houses and also the cute Lotte Sievers-Hahn doll house dolls. Unfortunately too small for Blythe sized dolls!

Sure, you also can buy nice fashion and other cool stuff here! This shop was called: 
In bester Gesellschaft - To be in good company. A nice corner for crafty people, because they can rent a little space to showcase & sell their self made designs.

Also absolutely interesting: Der große Wasserspeicher - The big water reservoir at the Belforter street! Indigo wanted to rent a flat here :D

One of the shops which reminded me a lot of my little shop Püppilottchen
Die Kinderstube - The nursery


I had a nice little chat with the shop owner and meanwhile Indigo was trying some Blythe sized furniture from Maileg, Denmark. So very awesome and well made! If you are interested in more please check the Maileg homepage. Some of these cute furniture are really perfect for Blythe dolls and I am sure the Dollily dolls need some of them for the new life in Berlin soon :)

Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

This and that... Blythe related

When I changed my name here to: blythe_berlin I had in mind to connect my love for Blythe dolls, my doll hobby and my love for this great town: Berlin. But how to do it?

Hello Berlin ...

At the moment I cruise the city, try to get back to places I know from my childhood and also to get to know all the other corners I've never been before... Sometimes with a doll and sometimes without...

Playing hide and seek

I love how people react or just walk past... or like these kids, just continue to play :)

When I made this picture:

Giant, can we go home?!

A family came along and the father said to a little girl in a stroller: "Look this woman is still playing with dolls". I turned around, looked at her and gave her a smile. She smiled back and I guess she thought: Yes, because playing is the best thing to do in your life :D

Let's be inspired

Bikini, Berlin

Maybe that's enough connection between, 
the Blythe dolls, 
and me at the moment?!
I don't know...

Hello Berlin

Nele and the tree imp

We will see...

Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Hello Berlin

... or long time no see. Sorry, for such a long break, but I had a lot changes in my life: a new hometown, a new job and a new surrounding, the last three months and not much time for dolls and toys. But some of the dolls already moved with me to Berlin and so I decided it was time for a new blog post and also a new blog name:

Welcome to Blythe-Berlin or blythe_berlin

Hello Berlin

Here in Berlin we can meet some more Blythe fans and one of our last little Blythe meets with dear Maiki was at the fantastic "Sorgenfrei" Cafe, Schöneberg. Here are some impressions

Kaffee Sorgenfrei

I always love the combination: Blythe and vintage and the "Sorgenfrei" was a perfect setting for our dolls :)

Kaffee Sorgenfrei

Thanks a lot to the guys who run the Sorgenfrei for the permission to take pictures here!

Kaffee Sorgenfrei

And if you ever come to Berlin take time to visit "Kaffeestube Sorgenfrei"! They have also yummy cake and a lot lovely vintage stuff from the 50s and 60s to sell!

Toys, toys, toys...


Dolls all over...

Have a nice sunday yours, Nicola