Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Hello Berlin

... or long time no see. Sorry, for such a long break, but I had a lot changes in my life: a new hometown, a new job and a new surrounding, the last three months and not much time for dolls and toys. But some of the dolls already moved with me to Berlin and so I decided it was time for a new blog post and also a new blog name:

Welcome to Blythe-Berlin or blythe_berlin

Hello Berlin

Here in Berlin we can meet some more Blythe fans and one of our last little Blythe meets with dear Maiki was at the fantastic "Sorgenfrei" Cafe, Schöneberg. Here are some impressions

Kaffee Sorgenfrei

I always love the combination: Blythe and vintage and the "Sorgenfrei" was a perfect setting for our dolls :)

Kaffee Sorgenfrei

Thanks a lot to the guys who run the Sorgenfrei for the permission to take pictures here!

Kaffee Sorgenfrei

And if you ever come to Berlin take time to visit "Kaffeestube Sorgenfrei"! They have also yummy cake and a lot lovely vintage stuff from the 50s and 60s to sell!

Toys, toys, toys...


Dolls all over...

Have a nice sunday yours, Nicola

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