Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

This and that... Blythe related

When I changed my name here to: blythe_berlin I had in mind to connect my love for Blythe dolls, my doll hobby and my love for this great town: Berlin. But how to do it?

Hello Berlin ...

At the moment I cruise the city, try to get back to places I know from my childhood and also to get to know all the other corners I've never been before... Sometimes with a doll and sometimes without...

Playing hide and seek

I love how people react or just walk past... or like these kids, just continue to play :)

When I made this picture:

Giant, can we go home?!

A family came along and the father said to a little girl in a stroller: "Look this woman is still playing with dolls". I turned around, looked at her and gave her a smile. She smiled back and I guess she thought: Yes, because playing is the best thing to do in your life :D

Let's be inspired

Bikini, Berlin

Maybe that's enough connection between, 
the Blythe dolls, 
and me at the moment?!
I don't know...

Hello Berlin

Nele and the tree imp

We will see...

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