Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Blythe Con Hamburg September 2016

Long time no see again... I am very sorry but I had some busy and rough times at work and also discovered my love for knittig garment and stuff again, so there was less time for my doll hobby the last months!

But I have also been to Blythe Con Europe in Hamburg in September and I wanted to show you some pictures. This was from the preemeet on Friday with my dear dolly friends Desi, Maiki and Co :)

It was such a pleasure to meet them and spend two days of dolly fun with them!!

Next day we met again at a cool location called: "Elbarkaden Lounge"
There were so many nice stalls, like HANON on the right and MOMOLITA on the left where I bought one of her awesome jackets

I also met my dear dolly friend Gritt from Miema dollhouse and her sweet doggy Coco again. And I purchased one of her cute dresses with a felted toy in the pocket 

Also met sweet Gema from dollymix again (sorry for the blurry pic!)

I discovered this new to me vendor: Lille Princesse, where I found an adorable sweater and skirt. There were so many more and I really spoiled my dollies ;) Here is all I bought, things which were in the goody bag and I also won at the raffle (except Jette...):

It really was a wonderful time and if you are interested in more pictures please look at my album at my flickr account

Have a nice time, yours Nicola aka Blythe-Berlin

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