Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Berlin sight seeing with Mischa

A while ago I took Mischa, wearing a special Berlin outfit, with me to see some of the well known Berlin sight seeing locations... and today I was finally in the mood for a new blogpost ;)

 Want to come with us? Enjoy!!

First we arrived at Alexander Platz where we visited the famous Weltzeituhr - which the alert reader can see also is part of the awesome Skull maiden helmet Mischa was wearing

After that we saw the so called new market - Neuer Markt, behind the Berlin TV tower - Fernsehturm. It has a lovely fountain and a nice view to the Berlin Cathedral - Berliner Dom and the huge building site of the Humboldt Forum - the new Berliner Schloß

From there we went to the Statue of Marx and Engels. Look how small Mischa was... I think she was a bit afraid of the big hand

On the Museums-Insel next to the Old Museum - Altes Museum and Lustgarten, we found a mini Berlin Cathedral nearly in Mischa's size :D 

On the Bode-Straße-bridge Mischa saw an angel...

We both were very exhausted after all the Berlin sight seeing, but we will sure show you more of Berlin in the future

And here you can see the complete outfit: The Skull Maiden Berlin helmet and the matching Ampelmann dress made by me, especially for this occasion: 

Have a nice week, yours Nicola

Samstag, 10. Juni 2017

Blythe meets are fun!

If you are a doll collector (or collect other things), you know collecting is more fun, when you meet other people who share the same passion as you do!

So it was a great pleasure to me to meet my dear dolly friend Ritty from Leipzig again. We had a lot fun with dolly talks, dolly dress ups and sight seeing here in Berlin

Unfortunately it was raining when we wanted to take some pictures outside, so we made a breakpoint at my flat, dressed the dolls in different outfits and made a group shot :)

Later on the sun was shining again and we went to the 'Tiergarten' where we found some nice locations for a photo shoot and also a tiny little Blythe sized snail ;)

More pictures as always here at my flickr account

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

Freitag, 14. April 2017

Hello Schlachtensee - Hello Nikita

After a long time of absense my dolly-mojo finally came back... It's funny somehow! I wish it would be a flow and no up and down!

Anyways! Here are some pics of little Niki (short form for Nikita) at the Schlachtensee. She is the latest addition to my growing Blythe family. She is an "Excellent Hollywood", EBL mold, Release date: February 2003. Customized by the talented Andreea Mariuka and an absolute dream come true for me. 

 And because of the really warm Spring weather she wore her new HandmadebyJinte dress we won at BCEU last September.


I love to be here because of the great nature - water & forest and because we went there often when I was a small kid and it's still like I captured it in my memories. Just awesome, even with the lack of green leaves. 

Nikita took her first sun-bath!

Isn't she just a cutie?!

Have great and peaceful Easter days, yours Nicola

Samstag, 8. April 2017

Blythe fashion sets SPRING declutter

Today the Dollily dolls did what we all do in Spring; they checked their closet and found a few things they will not wear any longer ;) 

So if you are interested in a lot Dollily prototypes and other designer clothes like, Button Arcade, Crafting with love, Herzlichkeiten, Enriko's Emporium... Blythe helmets, hats, shirts, skirts, trowers, jackets, a lot Barbie accessories like bags and shoes, please take a look at my facebook page:

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola

Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

Knitting and dolls

2016 really was a somehow happy-weird year for me! I moved to Berlin to be closer to the biggest part of my family and this ment a new job, which was in some cases not very satisfying, also very time consuming and not what it supposed to be at the end. 

And despite the fact that my dolls & toys are giving me a lot joy, I was looking for something more creative to calm down, relax and get back my design-mojo. And this led back to one of my hobbies I love since I am a teenager: Knitting. 

Sadly for the dolls I do not knit doll things any longer and more sadly they sit bored on the dolly shelf at the moment...

But this does not mean I will not write about dolls & toys here any longer. Maybe when the wheather is nicer & warmer (it's freaking cold in Berlin at the moment) I will take one of them for some more episodes of Blythe Berlin again

So see you then, yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin